Our First Road Trip


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9 Responses to Our First Road Trip

  1. Palmira says:

    HaHa…..Love this picture. Have a safe journey.

  2. Marcy Ruback says:

    I remember the Olds! It was a unique car.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Great photos!!! Have a blast! I’m one of the envious friends;). See you in New Orleans;)

  4. Amy Badain says:

    Awesome wheels – almost as cool as the RR. Too and you didn’t keep it to tow behind the range rover “Olds home on the range rover”.
    Did you set up Instagram?
    Be safe & happy trails!

  5. Linda Palacios says:

    OMG. You both are too cute!

  6. Dave Yarnold says:

    Great car!! Bon voyage, guys. Have a wonderful trip.

  7. Was this Robin moving to Chicago or both of you moving to SF?

  8. robinlf23 says:

    Robin and all the wedding gifts leaving Omaha after our honeymoon.

  9. Pam Ex says:

    March 23 – Happy Happy Birthday to Robin! Loved catching up with you today. Hope we cross paths in Chicago the week of May 12, and let us know when you will be in DC. Happy trails and have fun. Love, Pam

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