Little help…..little help here….

Picked up our traveling buddies Janie and Al Murow at their hotel in Westwood this morning.  Wish we had a picture of the bellhop the moment he realized we wanted him to help us LOAD 2 more large suitcases into the Range Rover, NOT to unload the luggage already (tightly) packed inside. He did his thing and got us on our way!  Arrived in Rancho Mirage this afternoon.  80 degrees and spectacular.


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4 Responses to Little help…..little help here….

  1. Adam says:

    Al looks like he’s ready for a drink.

  2. Great blog, great pictures, great philosphy! Looking forward to following along and joining you in April! Love, Linda

  3. Sue Anderson says:

    I’m not sure if I’m envious or bewildered. I’m in AWE!!! Your blog is wonderful and funny. I can’t wait to read more. Be safe! Sue and Doug

  4. Linda Palacios says:

    How exciting! Envious list😍

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