Envy and bewilderment are the two most common initial reactions from people learning about our trip.  If you are in the envy camp…thanks.  We love the encouragement.  If you are bewildered by what we are doing, thanks to you too.  Explaining our desire to leave everything familiar behind (including our loved ones, friends, a good job, our comfy bed, doctors, dentist and hair stylists) really helps us better understand ourselves individually and as an old married couple.  Without getting too philosophical (maybe later), we feel this trip is our opportunity to rediscover everything about ourselves without even trying.  Like free therapy.  Life has a way of hardening even the most joyous of us.  We’re going to go have some fun now.

While running across this great country of ours, Forrest Gump was asked by a group of reporters, why.  “Is it for Women’s rights, the homeless, world peace?”  His response:  “I just felt like running”.

Maybe we just feel like driving!

While Bob was being philosophical, Robin hiked Fryman Canyon with our cousin Jill in Southern California.

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6 Responses to WHY???

  1. Sarah Eddings says:

    We are in the envy camp! Keep the blog posts coming so we can live vicariously through you!!

  2. ebfeldman1 says:

    I think the word I would use is jealous. Extremely jealous.

  3. Kim and Mike Sheffield says:

    Happy Trails!

  4. Julie Brunt says:

    We’re looking forward to traveling across the states with you. Happy Trails!

  5. Linda Palacios says:

    👍. Enjoy the ride!

  6. Shiera says:

    Love love love what you’re doing–good luck, safe journey, and have a blast with each other:)

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