Some Favorites…

After a relaxing “Pool Day” in Rancho Mirage, we arrived in Sedona AZ; absolutely spectacular scenery.  Goodbye California!  Staying in the Desert Daisy room at the Canyon Villa Inn. Innkeepers Les and Peg are wonderful.  Hiking tomorrow.

Favorite meals so far:
Best Dinner:  Vegetable Relleno, Elote Cafe, Sedona

Best Lunch:  Westin Mission Hills Poolside bar food, Rancho Mirage

Best Dessert:  Nitropod Ice Cream, Los Angeles
(Thank you Steph & Scot- Loved the avocado lime)
Steph and Scot Nitropod

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1 Response to Some Favorites…

  1. Marcy Ruback says:

    I just looked up the Canyon Villa Inn. How beautiful! Please enjoy the Red Rocks for me; I have always wanted to see them. Please enjoy the cinnamon roll for Dave, even if you have to share. He would expect nothing less of you, with one of his favorite foods! Hi to Janie and Al, and thanks for the blog. I am having so much fun reading it!

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