Was Frank Lloyd Wright?

Bob and Al practicing synchronized sitting at Kierland Commons

The day started at the Scottsdale Land Rover dealership.  Seems that the most recent Apple operating system is not compatible with Land Rover’s portable audio, meaning we can’t play songs on our iphones through the car’s audio system.  HOWEVER, the dealership did wash our car for which Bob was very grateful (the red rock from Sedona was driving him mad).

We toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s home “Taliesin West”, his winter home built in the 1930’s, including his studio and architectural campus.  See our lovely tour guide Loa below.


Finished off the day with happy hour at the Sanctuary Resort and dinner at Pizzaria Bianco.

Tomorrow we are off to Dove Mountain for the World Golf Championship.

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3 Responses to Was Frank Lloyd Wright?

  1. Adam Feldman says:

    Has anyone told Dad he looks like Indiana Jones in that hat?

  2. Karen Corburn says:

    We had the same tour guide when we visited Frank. What a guy…did you
    notice his bedroom compared to his wife?
    Sedona looked beautiful.

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