By the Numbers

1: Number of rainy days (the day we left San Ramon)

3: Number of states visited; number of caves explored.

6: Number of beds slept in.

17: Number of days we have been gone.

21: Average miles per gallon. (not bad for the tank we are driving)

2,235: Number of miles driven.

Greater than 5,000: Number of bugs cleaned off the windshield.

We left Silver City on Monday morning to this beautiful sunrise.

Then drove 300 miles to Carlsbad.  Most of the drive looked like this.

We are staying at the historic Trinity Hotel, which was constructed in 1892 as the First National Bank of El Paso.  One of the early tenants was Pat Garrett, most famous for gunning down the famous outlaw Billy the Kid.  This national historic landmark became a boutique hotel in 2009.  We are staying in Room 202 and have been told that Room 206 (across the hall) is haunted by a ghost.  So far no sightings.

We spent most of today exploring Carlsbad Caverns.  The Caverns, a work in progress for over 250 million years, is the third largest chamber in North America.  We will be visiting #1 in a few months.  We entered Carlsbad Cavern through the cave’s natural entrance, and proceeded to walk down a switch back path 750 feet below the surface.

Natural Entrance and Switch Back Path

Natural Entrance and Switch Back Path

View of Cave Entrance from 100 feet down

View of Cave Entrance from 100 feet down

The climb down took us 1 1/2 hours and was absolutely fascinating.  Once we reached the bottom, we entered the “Big Room” a chamber which is larger than 6 football fields.  The 1 mile loop around the perimeter took us past amazing formations of draperies, soda straws, columns and popcorn (you can look up the terminology on your own).  Needless to say, we opted to take the elevator back to the surface!  We highly recommend this tour.  We plan to return in a future summer to witness the outflights of thousands of Mexican bats that inhabit the caverns.


Once back at our hotel we watched Twelve Years a Slave and had a delicious dinner at Yellowbrix.  Leaving for Austin tomorrow.

11:  Number of blog posts completed.

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  1. Shiera says:

    I love living vicariously through your journey–you’re an awesome writer!

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