The Knights of Momus (and a long night for us).

So the plan was to spend a couple of days in Galveston to regroup and rest up for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  However, it turns out that Galveston has its own Mardi Gras celebration….. AND it turns out that the party, the Knights of Momus parade, started shortly after our arrival at the Four Points Hotel…. AND directly in front of the Four Points Hotel.  So….when in Rome..



No body parts were exposed for the beads.  Yes, that is a cowboy in a kilt. No, that is not Adam at the parade.  Note the Wendy’s in the background (more later).

We then made the mistake of trying to get to our dinner reservation on the other side of the island while the parade was still in progress.  We somehow made it out of the parking lot and over to the historic district only to find an even bigger party, complete with street closures and full parking lots.  After several frustrating attempts to park, we decided to go back to the hotel and improvise on dinner (second bad idea of the night).  Getting halfway back to the hotel we ran into… probably guessed it….the back half of the Knights of Momus parade!  Traffic was at a standstill.  Long story short, by the time the parade ended and the traffic (and the 200,000 attendees) cleared, we decided to just walk to Wendy’s and order 2 grilled chicken combos, a Dr. Pepper and one lemonade.  Welcome to Galveston.

View from our room.  Can you find the Old Home On The Range Rover?

Happy ending to our misguided dinner reservations: We made it to Nonno Tony’s World Kitchen for lunch today!

Robin digging into oysters on the half shell.                                                                                                                                                                             Finally got around to laundry and watching Captain Phillips (in preparation for the Oscars).  Robin's 5S 03-02-14 024

Plan on getting up early tomorrow for the drive to New Orleans.  As we are constantly learning from our mistakes,  I called the Westin Hotel, got the parade schedule, and plan to arrive without incident!

Looking forward to hanging out with our friends Bonnie and Peter in NOLA!!

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3 Responses to The Knights of Momus (and a long night for us).

  1. Adam says:

    That does look like me… Kind of creepy. And there’s nothing wrong with a Wendy’s chicken sandwich, they’re delicious!

  2. ebfeldman1 says:

    That is so weird, its your doppelganger! Glad no body parts were shown for beads, I hope the same stays true in NOLA. The rover looks good. Was hoping it would also be in the picture with the Washateria 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    Don’t you love surprises while on vacation? How fun. It just makes the experience more real. Have fun in NOLA. Sorry we can’t be with you.

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