Who Dat?

Had a nice drive through the refineries and Bayou from Galveston to New Orleans:


And yes! Dat is us celebrating Mardi Gras.  


It was a frigid 37 Fat Tuesday degrees and raining but we made it to a parade (Rex) and Bourbon Street.  Having a blast celebrating with friends Bonnie and Peter.

 Bonnie secured the most beads…..you’ll have to ask her for the details!

This city is absolutely bizarre…like no other we have visited.  Every sense is on high alert here (especially smell) and it’s actually pretty exhilarating. May need a few naps this week!

The food has been fantastic but so far we have been eating way too much of this:


Mardi Gras pictures speak louder than words so here was our day:


Hoping to make it to the Garden District and a swamp tour in the coming days.  More to follow……..

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2 Responses to Who Dat?

  1. Allan Murow says:

    How come all your good friends are bald?

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