Welcome To …… The Other Side of the Country

photo (13) 

Arrived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on Saturday after driving through Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi and stopping for a quick lunch in Mobile, Alabama.  These communities were hit so hard by Hurricane Katrina, that almost 9 years later they are still rebuilding.

This is the famous Biloxi Lighthouse, constructed in 1848 and a symbol of the city’s resiliency.  The storm surge from Katrina enveloped a third of the 64-foot tall structure. The Lighthouse reopened after a fourteen month restoration.


We arrived at our hotel in Fort Walton Beach in time to witness a wedding on the beach and another great sunset.

When we stepped on this pristine white beach we immediately noticed how unusual the sand felt under our feet.  It almost felt like walking on warm, dense snow.  We could actually hear the sand packing down as we walked.   After a little research we learned that this particular sand comes from the Appalachian Mountains, and consists of finely ground quartz crystals which are uniform in size and oval in shape. These qualities cause the sand to make the crunching sound. It is also considered to be some of the whitest sand in the world.

  Sunrise from our balcony in Fort Walton Beach

We are staying at the Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando for the next 8 days.  Very excited to have a washer & dryer, kitchen, couch, and Florida room!  Here mostly for some R&R, but we are already making plans to check off another item on our bucket list.  More on that in future posts…

BTW, thanks to Al Pearlman for suggesting we purchase an auxiliary cable to connect an iPhone to the Range Rover.  We started describing the type of cable we needed to Lester at a Radio Shack in New Orleans when he abruptly stopped us and said, “so you want to listen to your music in the car, right?”.  Problem solved!!  Yippee.

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3 Responses to Welcome To …… The Other Side of the Country

  1. Amazing – Fort Walton Beach really does look like snow, which we’re supposed to get more of tomorrow! Jealous, jealous, jealous – have a great time in Florida and at Vistana Villages. Can you send a picture of the quiet pool?

  2. Gail Biben says:

    Marc, Amy and kids will be on Orlando March
    20-24. Looks like you will miss them.
    We are in Highland Beach til 4/12. Let us know
    If you are in the area.
    Safe travels.

    • robinlf23 says:

      If you were a bit closer we would come see all of you, but you are 3 hours away from us and we leave for Savannah on the 18th. Have a wonderful time with the kids…maybe we will see you in NY in the fall!

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