We Sure Clean Up Well

After more than 30 days on the road, we were way overdue for a much needed clean up. Thank you Rosaria and the nice folks at Shag’d Hair Studio for squeezing us in.  Robin’s hair is still wet, Bob’s hair is up there… somewhere…

  And of course the Range Rover was washed and dried too. Thank you Ozzie!

Yesterday was dedicated to visiting the Kennedy Space Center. NASA does a great job of presenting the entire history of the space program from Sputnik and JFK’s “We choose to go to the Moon” speech, through the Space Shuttle program and future endeavors.  Our favorite exhibits included the Space Shuttle Atlantis, all  363 feet of a Saturn V Rocket (designated for the Apollo 18 mission which never happened), 3.7 billion year old moon rocks that you can touch, Alan Shepard’s space suit covered with moon dust, and the Apollo 14 command module capsule.  Apollo 14 is the mission where they played golf on the moon. The shear size of the shuttle and Saturn V rocket made it difficult to photograph but here are our best efforts (plus a few extras):


 Robin in a Gemini capsule.

  The shuttle external fuel tanks….whoa!

Robin spent today working and I spent the day trying to fix a nasty paint chip on the Rover (so much fun).  Worked out, had pizza for dinner and got (almost) caught up on the Walking Dead.  Tomorrow………….game time decision!

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