Pool or Beach, Pool or Beach, Pool or Beach

Why not both!  We finally found time to wind down and get some R&R in Orlando.

We spent Friday at the “Quiet Pool”, meaning no floats or pool toys allowed.  

Today we ventured out to Cocoa Beach along with the thousands of other people flocking to Florida for Spring Break.

We enjoyed hanging on the beach and watching the kiteboarding competition at the
Beach ‘n Board Fest.

For those of you from our generation, we drove past a road called I Dream of Jeannie Street., but found no signs of Tony, Roger, Jeannie, or even Dr. Bellows.  We did however, manage to have a treat at I Dream of Yogurt.

Thursday we finally took care of some unfinished business.  In 2004, while on a trip to Disney World with the kids, Bob noticed people walking around the park eating turkey drumsticks.  He never got one, but has been talking about it ever since.

Mission accomplished.  Lunch at Downtown Disney:

Looking forward to arriving in Savannah on Tuesday.

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4 Responses to Pool or Beach, Pool or Beach, Pool or Beach

  1. ebfeldman1 says:

    I actually remember looking for those turkey legs last time we were there. 10 year wait, I hope it was as good as you expected!

  2. Adam says:

    The turkey drumstick looks delicious!

  3. The quiet pool (was it warm?), Jeannie’s beach and a turkey leg at Downtown Disney – sounds wonderful!

  4. Gail Biben says:

    I guess you are not heading to South Florida, or are you? I am meeting Marc and family in Orlando on Friday. Sorry we missed you. Xo Grandma Gail

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