To Go Cups

When we first arrived in our Savannah apartment we thought it was odd that prominently displayed in the really nice kitchen inventory was a stack of green 16 ounce plastic drinking cups.  We figured it was probably left over from the prior tenant’s St. Patrick’s day celebration.  Now, after being here several days, we’ve come to realize that the plastic cups are an important part of downtown Savannah culture.  Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, people are walking around with plastic drinking cups containing their favorite alcoholic beverage.  The local grocery story even has a “to go” counter (resembling soft drink dispensers at fast food restaurants) for beer.  I recently read that people in the South consider Savannah to be a “hole” in the Bible Belt.  Now I know why.  Of course the bars are closed on Sundays!

We are really settled in and enjoying Savannah.  Most days we get up, make breakfast, go for a few laps around Forsyth Park (named for John Forsyth, Governor of Georgia in the 1820’s….so naturally the park contains a large monument to the confederate war dead and General Lafayette McLaws).  Afternoons we walk the squares (sometimes with our green plastic cups) and then either lunch or dinner out on the town.

For our foodie followers, we have a new favorite Brunch:  Shrimp and Grits at B. Mathews Eatery on Bay Street. Here is the before and after (includes 2 poached eggs):


We celebrated Robin’s birthday today by taking a Dolphin cruise on the Savannah River and ordering Pizza from Screamin’ Mimi’s (so we could watch the Creighton and Arizona basketball games…….her choice, really).



I had several nice calls from friends and family today to wish me a Happy Birthday.  In addition to asking me what I was doing for my birthday, they seemed much more interested in how Bob and I were getting along after 6 weeks of traveling together.  So for those of you who are curious, we are not sick of each other (yet), we have not run out of things to discuss (yet), we are not bored with one another (yet), but we sure are looking forward to Emily’s visit this week!

Go Cats (and Happy belated Birthday to Adam, our 30 year old son)!

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4 Responses to To Go Cups

  1. Adam says:

    Go Cats! Happy birthday Mom!

  2. ebfeldman1 says:

    I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of attention this week 🙂 looking forward to grits (hold the shrimp) and finding some more squares with arbitrary statues in them! Happy birthday mom!

  3. Corie Ginsburg says:

    Happy Birthday Robin! I thought it was the 27th, Looking forward to your Chicago stay. I am enjoying your odyssey. Much Love, Corie

  4. Karen says:

    Sounds like you get into the culture wherever you stay. How great to have the time for this immersion.
    Robin, “happy birthday” from the Corburns. You probably never added Shrimp and Grits to your bucket list of birthday meals before your visit to Savannah.
    Keep enjoying. Lots of hugs,

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