Eat, Read, People Watch….Repeat.

Just sat down to post after turning on ESPN to catch the end of the Cubs v Pirates season opener.  Top of the 10th and the Cub on first is picked off, the batter then quickly strikes out to end the top of the inning.  First Pirate up in the bottom of the inning hits a solo homer to win the game 1 -0.  So, I guess all is still right in this world…..something only a Cub fan could appreciate.

As our time in Savannah is quickly coming to an end, it occurred to us that it has been several days since our last post (thanks again Em!  Excellent job).  Our first thought was that perhaps we have not done anything blog-worthy.  Since Emily departed, our days have been spent thusly (is that even a word?  It does sound southernly.):

We wake up, eat some oatmeal, go for a few laps around Forsyth park, stop at the Sentient Bean (cute name, eh) for coffee, shower, pack a picnic lunch, stop at Parker’s for drinks, pick a shady bench in one of the squares, eat, read, people watch…..repeat.

Doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post does it?  Or maybe it does. Perhaps it speaks to the way this place casts it’s spell on you.  Savannah is much more than a city with a pretty name. This place has a way of telling you to slow down, breathe, and enjoy your surroundings. It is evident that the people of Savannah are very proud of their city and it expresses itself as politeness rather than cockiness.  They don’t brag, they help.  They want you to be happy.  They truly appreciate the inundation of visitors to the historic district. You can’t look in any direction without seeing a horse drawn carriage (filled with families, young couples, old couples, odd couples and an endless supply of bachlorette parties), city tour buses, and bicycle rickshaws.  Most people are seen moseying through the squares with walking tour maps.  And more often than not, you hear “Can I help you with directions?  I’m from here.”  Between the wonderfully welcoming (and misnamed) squares, the hospitality, the amazing accents, and those big ole Oaks covered with Spanish Moss, you find yourself just wanting to sit on a bench and soak it all in.  So that’s what we’ve done……and we’re going to miss it.

Thanks Savannah.  You exceeded all our expectations.

So it is on to Charleston SC where we are very excited to tour with my sister Linda. Hey Linda…..hope you are ready to blog!  See you soon.

Left to Right:  Orleans Square, Chippewa Square, Forsyth Park.


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5 Responses to Eat, Read, People Watch….Repeat.

  1. Bob P. says:

    ah have t’ax. Have yo’ guys had enny swaite tai?
    From Bob, not Marlene

  2. Nancy Cilenti says:

    Loved this!!

  3. Nancy says:

    I’m enjoying going with you from place to place. Such great writings!

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