Picture Perfect

Us with our hosts, Ric, Courtney, Debbie, and Jordan Jeffries at Amen Corner

Us with our hosts, Ric, Courtney, Debbie, and Jordan Jeffries at Amen Corner

Nicklaus, Player, Palmer 1st Hole at the Par 3 Contest

Nicklaus, Player, Palmer
1st Hole at the Par 3 Contest

Azalea Green (13th Hole)

Azalea Green (13th Hole)

Sadly, we are not good enough writers to adequately describe our experience attending The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club with the Jeffries family. Simply put, we attended the traditional Par 3 contest and walked the course on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we watched the honorary starters hit off the first tee (Palmer, Player, Nicklaus) and left after the final putt on 18.  It was a long day that was over in the blink of an eye. The details……..well we could go on and on for days as this tournament is so unique in so many ways.  Even now one of us will suddenly remember something to share (we didn’t spend much of Thursday together…explanation to follow).  Here are some of our best memories (photos courtesy of Courtney):

  •  The course looks absolutely pristine at sunrise.
  • The grass really is as green and the azaleas as colorful as they appear on television.

  • The course is unbelievably hilly.

  • The security is extremely polite and friendly.  Everyone behaves (probably because if you do anything against the rules, you are never allowed back.)
  • There are not your typical sponsors, i.e. the drinks are named classic cola, diet cola, lemonade, sport drink, domestic beer, and imported beer.  You won’t find corporate tents anywhere on the course.
  • There are no TV cables laying on the ground to worry about.  The entire course has underground wiring.
  • Grooming the course is a well synchronized team effort.

  • The food is ridiculously inexpensive.  Sandwiches are $1.50-$2.50.  Drinks are $1.50. Beer is $2-$3.  We ate and drank a lot!
  • The staff and attendants are extremely courteous, friendly and happy.  They never stop cleaning the restrooms and even direct you to open urinals (with the cheap drinks their assistance is much appreciated).
  • Their traditional pimento cheese sandwich on white bread is delicious.

  • The staff never hold up “Quiet” signs.  The spectators just know when they need to be quiet.  All you hear are birds chirping prior to any player’s shot.
  • One of the officials looked exactly like Condoleezza Rice and guess what, it was Condoleezza Rice.

  • The course looks even more beautiful as the sun is setting.
  • Robin loved observing the tournament with Courtney and Debbie.  They like to stake out a spot on one green and watch all the players come through before venturing out to other holes.
  • Bob loved observing the tournament with Jordan and Ric.  They like to stake out a spot on one green and watch a few players come through before walking the entire course and stopping at strategic viewing spots on every hole.

Freddy Couples is still good looking. Graeme McDowell’s wife is pretty hot.  Sorry, no cameras allowed on Thursday so no picture of the wife!

  • Something else…something else…oh yeah, we saw some pretty good golf.

  • We really want to come back someday.

Thank you again to the Jeffries Family for giving us such an incredible experience.  Your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge of the course and it’s history (and your wonderful family Masters’ stories) will always be remembered.  And just between us, what happens at the Club Car party stays at the Club Car party!




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6 Responses to Picture Perfect

  1. Adam says:

    Sounds like a pretty miserable experience… Very, very jealous.

  2. Corie Ginsburg says:


  3. MARK MARTIN says:

    Robin & Bob, Dick Martin would be jealous.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look happier!

  5. Dave says:

    Awesome. Jealous. What an amazing trip so far!

  6. Julie Brunt says:

    What a fantastic experience! Loving your travels so far!

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