Our Day at the Derby

9:00 – Wake up, shower, dress, eat something
9:45 –  Make reservations for Sunday tour at Mammoth Cave
10:00 – Board hotel shuttle to Churchill Downs
10:20 – Arrive Churchill Downs, find seats, visit Paddock area, stare at people
11:30 – Order Mint Juleps, lose $$ on Boss Gone in race 3, stare at people
12:00 – First lunch
12:20 – Visit with Lexie & Nick (introduced them in the “Da Bears” blog post)
1:00 – Visit the Paddock Area again, see a few celebs (Scottie Pippen, Ndamukong Suh).
1:20 – Lose $$ on Absolute Crackers in race 6.
2:30 – Second lunch
3:45 – Lose $$ on Delaunay in the race 9.
4:00 – Second round of drinks, smoke derby cigar
5:00 – Buy a souvenir hat
5:30 – Last round of drinks (constant losing gets depressing)
6:30 – Win all our money back thanks to California Chrome in The Derby
7:00 – Board shuttle for return trip to hotel
8:00- Arrive at hotel, get in pajamas, prepare for Warriors game 7.


Finally a winner

Finally a winner

Today was a great experience and was by far some of the best people watching we’ve had on this trip. It was so funny watching all these beautiful people with their outragious hats and outfits, pigging out on brats and beer.

Below is a clip of “our view” of the final turn of “The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports”:

Hey Jessica and Matt…Congratulations on your engagement; we are so happy for you!!!!


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2 Responses to Our Day at the Derby

  1. jessicadoris says:

    Thank you so much! Sounds like you an an eventful day. Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  2. Robin – Love the fascinator, Bob – excellent tie! Sounds like a wonderful day!

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