Our Story Revisited

We can not quite remember the last time we were in Champaign-Urbana together but we think it has been at least 34 years.  So we were pretty excited to visit the place where we met (the Student Union candy counter), had our first date (Union bowling alley and Auditorium for the midnight movie showing of King Kong, Jessica Lang version), and got engaged (Michigan East apartment building laundry room).  The place has certainly changed, as have we (most certainly), but the memories are clear and we had a blast reminiscing.

Where the Candy Counter used to be at Student Union

In front of where the Candy Counter used to be at Student Union

Bowling Alley, lane 4

Union Bowling Alley, lane 4


Auditorium balcony

Michigan East Laundry Room...how romantic?

Michigan East Laundry Room…how romantic?

In between the stops at all of our “historical markers”, we managed to get a tour of Robin’s sorority house SDT, my ground south dorm rooms in Allen Hall, and a couple lecture halls on the Quad.  Of course we found a couple of old favorite eating establishments for lunch and dinner (Timpones and Zorbas).  The pizza and gyros are just as good as they were back in 1978!

Timpones thin crust pizza

Timpones thin crust pizza

Freshman dorm room with Al Pearlman.  Guess it's now occupied by zombies

Freshman dorm room shared with Al Pearlman. Guess it’s now occupied by zombies

Prior to arriving at the U of I, we stopped in Springfield to visit Abraham Lincoln’s home. The home was donated to the State in 1887 by Robert Todd Lincoln under the conditions that the State maintain it and keep it open to the public for free.  We are happy to report that the home is in excellent condition and the tour is indeed free.  Inside are many pieces of original furniture including Lincoln’s desk, the parlor couch, chairs and table, the kitchen stove and (believe it or not) Mary Todd Lincoln’s chamber pot (picture not included).

Lincoln's home in Springfield for 17 uears.

Lincoln’s home in Springfield for 17 years.

Lincoln's desk

Lincoln’s small desk in the parlor

We also stopped to see the Illinois State Capitol building.

Illinois State Capitol

Illinois State Capitol

And had a really great lunch at Charlie Parker’s Diner (from Diners Drive-ins and Dives)

Charlie Parkers (in the Quanza Hut)

Charlie Parker’s (in the Quonset Hut)

Tomorrow we leave for Chicago where we are very much looking forward to our downtown condo and staying put for a full month!

Last picture………

Robin's graduation 1979

Robin’s U of I graduation 1979


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2 Responses to Our Story Revisited

  1. Nancy Cilenti says:

    Sooo romantic and very cute!! So happy for you two and your walk down Memory Lane!! Loved this post! ♥️♥️

  2. Adam says:

    Great post. Looking forward to joining you in Chicago next weekend!

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