Wonderful Wet Wrigley

It is always a special treat to attend a baseball game at Wrigley Field.  The 100 year history, the odd location in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, and the manual outfield scoreboard all add to the mystique of our beloved cursed Cubs.

I’ll never forget my first visit in 1967. I had spent much of my youth watching the Cubs (these days I guess that could be considered borderline child abuse!) on a black and white TV in the basement of our home in Hoffman Estates; so climbing the stadium steps from the entrance gate to our grandstand seats and witnessing the immaculately green outfield grass, perfectly manicured dirt infield, and of course the famous ivy covered outfield brick walls…well, to me it was heaven.  Having a chance to watch the Yankees play the Cubs at Wrigley was an opportunity we could not pass up.  After all, isn’t this the place where Babe Ruth (allegedly) pointed to center field before hitting a Home Run to that exact spot in the 1932 World Series?  The park hasn’t changed much since those days and it was fun to see Yankee uniforms at Wrigley.   And…..the Cubs won (again) 6-1.  Go figure.

Thanks again William and Adam for the tickets.  Thanks Linda and Josh for joining us on that rain soaked night!  The thunder and lightening made us all feel like we were on the set of “The Natural”. It was great.

With our nephew Josh, who just completed his freshman year at Michigan.

With our nephew Josh, who just completed his freshman year at Michigan.

Oh, and we walked to the ballpark!

Yesterday was spent visiting my cousins Paul and Marge Feldman in Northbrook (we drove).  We had a great visit and got to compare notes from all of our travels.  Turns out Paul and Marge used to drive all over the country on their vacations.  They even have a very impressive collection of glasses from each state they have visited.  We got some great tips. Thanks again for lunch at Max and Benny’s.  It’s not every day I get to eat a corned beef, pastrami and chopped liver sandwich (on rye of course)!  Looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

Robin took a bite out of my pickle before I could get the camera out.

Max & Benny’s

Today was a great run on the river walk and lake front trail.  Rob and I are cleaning up the place for Adam and Ryan’s much anticipated visit.  We have many great events planned for them!  We’ll let them blog all about it next post.





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