Chicago … the NOT so Windy City

Please enjoy our 3rd guest blog courtesy of our son Adam and daughter-in-law Ryan who joined us for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.  Thanks guys for joining us on our journey.  We had a great time touring and eating and eating and eating with you both! The floor is yours…….

We’re very excited and … nervous … to become guest bloggers, as we know we have a lot to live up to, but here goes nothing.

We arrived Thursday night around 10:45 (some Obama guy landed at O’hare before us, so we were a little delayed) and without wasting any time, decided we needed some Chicago deep dish pizza. First we went to Pizzeria Uno, but were told they were closing for the night, so instead we walked across the street to Pizzeria Due, and ordered a large Uno Pizza. Couldn’t make that up. The pizza was of course delicious (both fresh and as leftovers – more to come on that later); the following picture does not do it justice.

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

We then walked to the elder Feldman’s 42nd floor condo and called it a night. We have to admit it was a little strange leaving ‘our’ large suburban home to come sleep on the parent’s couch … a little backwards right? Views from our ‘bedroom’ window…

088 089

We woke up early Friday morning to meet William McKeever for breakfast. You’ve read a few thank yous to William in previous blogs for helping us get tickets to various baseball games. William runs the show for the company that prints the Raiders Season Tickets and has become our friend. Ironically, he was in Chicago with his family on Friday, so we met for bagels before exploring the city.

Photo courtesy of Ryan

Photo courtesy of Ryan

Our first stop on Friday was an architectural boat tour down the Chicago River. This was a great way to be introduced to the city, and who doesn’t enjoy a boat ride?! The tour covered over a hundred years of Chicago history and I’m fairly certain we were told what every building in the city was all about. In our opinion, what was most interesting was learning Chicago is NOT named the Windy City because of the wind… Rather, Chicago was named the Windy City because when the city was rebuilt after the 1871 Chicago fire, their politicians pushed so hard for the 1893 World’s Fair, that all the East Coast politicians called them a bunch of blowhards, thus earning the nickname of the Windy City. Who outside of Chicago knew that?? A few other highlights from the boat tour below:

Willis (Sears) Tower

Willis (Sears) Tower

Building where Ferris Bueller's Dad dances to the parade music

Building where Ferris Bueller’s Dad dances to the parade music


Chicago Downtown Skyline

After the tour, we walked around downtown Chicago, down the Magnificent Mile, had lunch in the Water Tower food court (salads all around), got Ryan a new hat, and headed back to relax.

For dinner we met Aunt Linda at Topo Gigio, a fantastic Italian restaurant in Old Town, and had a great time catching up and of course eating dinner (pictures below … we’ve been told pictures of each meal are required).

After dinner we went to The Second City Show. For those that don’t know, this is a famous improv theatre where many of today’s best comedians started their careers. The show was great, as were the Late Night Vodka Lemonades and the Chocolate Martinis! We then walked back to the condo, where everyone went straight to bed, except for Adam, who snuck in a leftover slice of Chicago deep dish.

Second City

Second City

After sleeping in Saturday morning, we met most of the LeVay side of the family (Aunt Debbie, Uncle Brian and cousins Josh and Jordyn), and Aunt Linda for lunch at Gibsons.


The whole group then jumped on a double decker bus tour and headed to Millennium Park (for any future Chicago visitors – we recommend the boat tour over the bus tour). At Millennium Park we checked out the giant reflecting bean, Crown Fountain, Millennium Park Amphitheatre, and the Buckingham Fountain.

The whole gang - photo taken by Aunt Linda

The whole gang – photo taken by Aunt Linda

Crown Fountain

Crown Fountain

Buckingham Fountain (maybe the only people there not taking wedding or quinceanera photos)

Buckingham Fountain (maybe the only people there not taking wedding or Quinceanera photos)

Building that Sara slides down in the 80's classic Adventures in Babysitting (and Ryan's favorite building)

Building that Sara slides down in the 80’s classic Adventures in Babysitting (and Ryan’s favorite building)

Jordyn (to prepare for her 40 girl sleepover) and Josh (to sadly watch the Blackhawks lose) headed home, while the rest of us drove to Rosebuds for dinner. This was another incredible Italian dinner, proven by the pictures below.

Veal Parmesan

One BIG bowl of pasta with all kinds of seafood

Baked Lasagna

On Sunday morning the 4 of us went to Rockit Bar and Grill for brunch before heading to Wrigleyville for a tour of Wrigley Field. The tour included a walk through the bleachers (the only General Admission seats left in baseball), the press box, the Cubs clubhouse, the Cubs dugout, and pictures behind home plate. Interestingly enough, we learned that the Chicago Whales of the Federal League actually won a Championship in Wrigley … so apparently it is possible to win there. Maybe one day…  After the tour we drove down memory lane to see where Mom and Dad lived in Chicago. Only the front door looks to be updated since 1981.

Brunch at Rockit

Brunch at Rockit




We stopped at Eataly on the way home to pick up some Italian wine, cheese, prosciutto and bread to mix with our pounds and pounds of leftovers from the night before. We’ll be counting down the days until an Eataly makes its way to the Bay Area.



We finished up the evening with a walk to Lake Michigan and watching the end of the Rangers game.

We had a great time visiting Mom and Dad in Chicago and hope to visit the city again soon … as long as it’s a consistent 70 degrees and sunny again. One last family picture to sign off.

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2 Responses to Chicago … the NOT so Windy City

  1. Grandma Gail says:

    I just gained 5lbs reading this eat-a-thon blog!😋
    This trip gets better and better.

  2. Great post and pictures Adam and Ryan! It was such a treat to see you and am so glad you enjoyed the city – Safe travels home and on your own anniversary adventure!

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