Dinner With Framily (Part 2)

We continued our wonderful run of non-stop visits with family and friends over the past few days.  On Friday we drove out to Long Grove to celebrate Debbie (my sister) & Brian’s 21st Wedding Anniversary.  We ate a delicious lunch at Wildfire (huge salads) and then hung out at their house with our niece and nephews, Jordyn, Zach, & Josh (we completely forgot to take any pictures, but we will be with them again next weekend for Jordyn’s dance recital).

Friday night we were treated to a yummy Shabbat dinner at Barb & David Rosenberg’s house (no relation to the other Rosenbergs).  Barb and I became friends in 1977 when I transferred to the University of Illinois and we lived next door to each other in the sorority house.  We became instant friends and have stayed in touch over the years. We also got to see their soon to be high school sophomore, Jacob and their adorable dog Apollo.  Thanks for all the snuggles Apollo.  Barb & David, thank you for a wonderful evening!

On Saturday we drove out to the suburbs to spend time with Rachel & Chuck (Rosenberg) and their son Ari, daughter in law Lital, and 15 month old granddaughter Yuval.  Ari is now a doctor, and is finishing his first year as a resident.  Ari & Lital are fabulous parents, and it was a real treat seeing Rachel & Chuck as the proud grandparents.  The weather was perfect for a BBQ and dinner was delicious.  Thank you Rosenbergs for a fantastic day.

On Sunday, Al & Ruthie Pearlman were kind enough to drive into the city to meet us for dinner. We met at Trattoria Gianni in the Lincoln Park area.  Al and Bob have been best of friends since they were very little, were also college roommates and best man at each other’s weddings.  We will be seeing them again before we leave for an afternoon of golf and dinner.  We also look forward to having them join us on our trip when we visit Niagara Falls.  Thank you Pearlmans for driving out from the suburbs, the tour of Lincoln Park, and the ride home!

Zuppa di Pesce alla Mediterranea

I spent the better part of today catching up on work.  We ventured into “the loop” (central business district of Chicago) for lunch at the Oasis Cafe which is actually at the back of a jewelry store (sadly we only had lunch, no shopping afterward).  After eating some delicious falafel sandwiches we cooled down the spices with a McDonald’s chocolate dipped ice cream cone, which was very good for only $1.

We actually made dinner in our own kitchen tonight and enjoyed catching up on a few episodes of Breaking Bad.  Bob finally finished the Civil War Trilogy so I’ll have to find something new for him to read.  The week ahead includes another Second City show, lunch with my sister, and another Cubs game.  Thanks for following!

Daley Plaza with Picasso sculpture

Daley Plaza with Picasso sculpture





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