Repeated and Undefeated.

Sunrise in Chicago

Sunrise in Chicago

Tuesday morning we wandered around the loop, returning to the jewelry store that shares space with the Oasis Cafe to have my watch repaired, and to have lunch at Taza Cafe for gyros.  Taza is a small family owned and operated restaurant on Franklin Street that specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and customer service.  We were very impressed with how they practically knew every customer by first name and how patient and helpful they were with each patron.  Come to think of it, great customer service has been a common theme in all the Chicago eateries to date (and you know how important the restaurant experience is to us).

After walking off the wonderful Greek food, we went to Linda’s condo for dinner (great entree salads…thanks Linda) and then the three of us walked down the street to Second City (again) this time to see “Depraved New World”, their latest show.  Can’t tell you how impressed we are with all the Second City actors.  If you find yourselves in Chicago, we highly recommend you make every effort to take in a show!  Nothing better than great improv.


In front of Second City

In front of Second City

It rained all day Wednesday.  Robin drove to Old Orchard (shopping mall) for shopping and lunch with sister Debbie.  I worked on resolving a few issues with our friends at Starwood.  In the spirit of repeating our favorite events from the first two weeks in the city, we ordered an Uno’s deep dish pizza for dinner and went to sleep with very full stomachs.

I'm stuffed just looking at this picture!

I’m stuffed just looking at this picture!

Thursday we went back to visit my Aunt Corrie in Evanston.  We had a nice lunch, walked the neighborhood, chatted in the beautiful garden, and enjoyed reliving the past by viewing family photos from the 50’s and 60’s.  Thanks again Aunt Corrie for your hospitality.  We loved our time together and look forward to future visits!

Thursday evening we barbecued at our apartment, made a few reservations for Philadelphia and the return trip West, and watched a few more episodes of Breaking Bad (only 5 left!).

Friday, again in the spirit of repeating what works, we walked to Wrigley for a late afternoon Cubs game.  And, despite blowing a 3 run lead in the top of the ninth (a Cub specialty), the Cubbies managed to prevail in the 13th inning courtesy of a 2 run homer by Anthony Rizzo.  So we are now an undefeated 3-0 attending Cub games (that’s almost 10% of their wins this year)…..look out Red Sox….we are on our way!  And yes, we stuck it out till the end and had a nice walk home.

Selfie form the upper deck

Selfie form the upper deck

Let's play two

The Friendly Confines

Nothing quite like a walk-off

Nothing quite like a walk-off

Back to food and Chicago restaurants (duh).  We have been walking by this neighborhood restaurant  called Quartino’s for 3 weeks.  Finally decided to have dinner there….9 o’clock on a Friday night.  Those of you familiar with the Chicago night-scene probably realize 9 o’clock on a Friday night may not be the best time for a nice old couple to just walk into a popular night spot and expect to be seated……..but this really nice hostess took one look at us (not so fresh from the Cubs game and obviously tired), glanced at the hordes of twenty something year olds waiting for a table, and said, Um….OK, tell you what……I’ll seat you now..follow me.  Guess old age does have its privileges. So, the place was absolutely packed tight with Chicago’s youth and it was deafening, but so much fun.  We had the cutest little waitress (looked like Sandra Bullock) who was also in charge of a couple (apparent) bachelorette parties.  She just screamed out what we needed to know and took great care of us.  We were just amazed (again) at the level of service in this busiest of establishments.  At one point during our meal, we were both turned around in our chairs watching the speed and efficiency at which the staff (manager included) were busing and setting a table for 25, when a waiter (not our cute Sandra Bullock) saw us turned in our seats looking off into the masses.  He was concerned we needed something so he stopped by our table to ask if he could help.  It was as if they all know to take special care of the nice older couples.  We  had a great time and the food, of course, was fantastic.

Pasta at Quartinos

Pasta at Quartinos

Finished the evening with frozen yogurt and grocery shopping, reservations in Door County for September, and another episode of Breaking Bad.  All in all, another pretty good week!

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