Old Home on …….Greenwich Dr.

So, how does it feel to be home?

Honestly, we really miss being on the road……..a lot.  I guess that is testament to how happy we’ve been on our tour so far, or perhaps it is the anticipation of what’s to come (I guess the former helps justify the later).  It is actually odd being so familiar with everything. We’ve become so accustomed to constantly dealing with new environments that being home, temporarily,  is making us feel a bit out of sync (what are we doing here….did we ever leave….where is the car……do I really have to go all the way downstairs for coffee).

Or, it could be that the week of doctor and dentist appointments, work (poor Robin is all stressed), and home repairs just can’t compare to visiting battlefields, caves, national parks and sampling local specialty cuisine.  Humm…Ok, we admit we’ve become somewhat spoiled with all the traveling.

The good part about being home:  Seeing our children, catching up with some friends (in person), sleeping in our own bed, watching our local news broadcasters (why do other city’s news broadcasters always seem to be so amateurish?), and driving on decent roadways.

Here is our week:

Monday – Arrived in Oakland.  Adam picked us up, we drove him back to work so we could take the car to our dermatologist appointments.  We actually had a “couples” body check (really kind of weird), had a few things removed (the joys of aging) and were on our way. Had a nice dinner with Adam and Ryan at home.  Adam recently took a barbecue course so we got to sample some steak from his brand new smoker.  Delicious……can’t wait for smoked turkey this Thanksgiving.

Tuesday – Adam and Ryan left for Venice and their first anniversary Mediterranean cruise.  Robin got a mani & pedi (first one since leaving home in February).  Jamie and Lucy Johnson came for dinner.  I was called to Superior Court in Pittsburg for Jury Duty.

Lucy Piper Johnson

Lucy Piper Johnson

Wednesday – Robin got her hair cut and colored.  I spent the day in court but was not picked for Jury Duty (I was next on the list for alternate…whew).  We had dinner with Pat and Karen Roland at Maria Maria in Danville.

Pat & Karen @ Maria Maria

Pat & Karen @ Maria Maria

Thursday – Met Sue Anderson and Doug, and Susan Smith for coffee at Peets (I do miss Peets), then off to dentist appointments in San Francisco followed by dinner with Emily at Per Diem.  Prior to dinner we joined several of Emily’s co-workers from BDO at Aquitaine for drinks (I couldn’t participate due to a fluoride treatment..yuck).  Our friend Ina also stopped at the bar for a quick hello.

Friday – Robin worked all day, I did some yard work and we had drinks and snacks with our neighbors Randy and Deborah Christman (those of you that have visited us from out of town are familiar with the Christman’s spectacular backyard gardens).

Saturday – Had the freezer fixed.  More yard work.  Met Julie and Carrie Brunt and Carrie’s boyfriend Ryan for an early dinner at Sudwerk Bar and Grill in Davis.  Picked up Emily at BART, bought some groceries and had dinner (again) at home.

Carrie & Julie Brunt

Carrie & Julie Brunt

Sunday – Emily and I went for a nice 8 mile run (I did 8, she did 8.5), then we all watched the LPGA U.S. Open and World Cup match U.S.A. v. Portugal.  We are still a bit annoyed with that outcome!

A few more days at home.  A few more appointments.  A few more meetings.  Then back on the road.





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4 Responses to Old Home on …….Greenwich Dr.

  1. Nancy Cilenti says:

    Robin…can we fit in a TAGG lunch while you are in town?? We’ll take pictures of our food… 🙂

  2. Grandma Gail says:

    Welcome back briefly. Sorry I missed you last week. Looks like we are moving to Florida end of July so we will not be around when you hit our neck of the woods. Check out Niagara on the Lake when you go to the falls. And be sure to bring passports.
    The Badains are back. Be sure to tell Zach how cool he looks with a buzz cut.
    Continued safe travels.
    Grandma Gail

  3. Marcy Ruback says:

    Reality is blah. Back to living the dream!

  4. Julie Brunt says:

    Enjoyed our visit with you, so nice to catch up! Happy Trails to you, we’ll see you in the fall!

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