Sam Adams: Buried and Brewed

I am honored to write my second oldhomeontherangerover blog from my parents great apartment in Boston. I arrived straight from St. Thomas USVI and after a much needed good nights sleep we hit the ground running:

Monday – We walked through the prestigious Beacon Hill on our way to the world famous duck tour with our tour guide/driver “the Joker”.

The Joker

We saw where Paul Revere started his famous ride that led to the American Revolution, as well as where he is buried, along with Sam Adams and John Hancock in the Granary Burying Ground.



We also drove over the Boston Marathon Finish Line:

We then took the T to Cambridge and walked around the Harvard campus, most notably checking out Harvard square and Harvard Law School (where Mike Ross did not receive his diploma…Suits fans?)

One of the many buildings at Harvard Law School.

One of the many buildings at Harvard Law School.

On our way back to home base we stopped by Faneuil Hall, which has been a meeting hall since 1742 and was the site of many meetings and protests leading up to the American Revolution, and the Old State House, the site of the Boston Massacre.

Site of the Boston Massacre

Next to Faneuil Hall is Quincy Market, which kind of looks like if you took a bunch of mall food courts and squished them into a long skinny hallway.

In the spirit of celebrating holidays a day early in this town, we headed to the North End (Boston’s Little Italy but don’t let them hear you call it that) for my parents 35th wedding anniversary dinner at La Familia Georgio (recommended by San Ramon neighbor Jeff Eddings). We might have over-ordered:

Then we headed to Modern Pastry for their famous cannolis.


Hopefully I have now satisfied the food picture quota. Congratulations mom and dad on 35 amazing years of marriage!

Mom and Dad (and George Washington) in the Boston Public Garden

Tuesday – We took the T to Jamaica Plain, which I was told was like the Mission of Boston (the “hipster” neighborhood where I live in SF). It turned out to be more like a cleaner version of Berkeley. We walked around the neighborhood, zillow’d a couple houses along Jamaicaway on Jamaica Pond, and eventually ended up at the Sam Adams Brewery.


We had a great free tour with tour guide Keith where we learned about the four ingredients that go into beer (barley, hops, water, and yeast) and got to sample 3 different brews, including the famous Boston Lager.

Tuesday night we headed to Fenway to see the other Chicago team destroy the Red Sox. We had amazing seats, however they were in that area where you sorta kinda have to pay attention, especially when a righty is batting in case you catch a foul ball. Well I’d say we were paying really good attention until about the 7th inning when the wave started. Luckily for me dad was still paying attention and likely deflected a line drive foul ball from Alexei Ramirez that was headed straight for my head. Unfortunately his reflexes weren’t good enough to actually catch the ball. Some other takeaways: Big Papi is really really big. It’s fun to watch the Red Sox lose. Singing Sweet Caroline along with 35,345 fans is very cool.

Thanks mom and dad for showing me a great time in Boston!

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3 Responses to Sam Adams: Buried and Brewed

  1. Adam Feldman says:

    William and I want you to know those “amazing seats” didn’t magically appear…

  2. Nancy Cilenti says:

    A belated Happy 35th Anniversary from San Ramon!!♥️♥️

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