Old Home’s 50th Post – Family and Friends in Boston

We are proud to finish our 22nd week on the road by completing our 50th blog post. Apparently we have now been gone long enough to start reminiscing about experiences from earlier in the trip. It’s all going by way too quickly!

This has been a great week in Boston as we were able to enjoy the city with many friends and family.  Emily arrived last Sunday (thanks for the great post Em).  Her last day with us was Wednesday, so we decided to walk the Freedom Trail over to Charlestown and visit the Bunker Hill Monument and USS Constitution.

At Bunker Hill we learned (or perhaps re-learned) that the battle actually took place on the hill next door, Breed’s Hill (…..almost Savannahanian).  This was the battle early in the revolution where Major General Israel Putnam gave his famous orders “don’t fire until you see the white’s of their eyes”.  The greatly outnumbered Colonists eventually ran out of ammunition and lost the battle, but they inflicted such severe causalities that the battle served to provide much needed encouragement to the Colonists who came to realize they could effectively fight the British.  It was also interesting to learn that newly commissioned Major General Joseph Warren chose to fight as a private (he could have taken command) and was killed in the battle while protecting the Colonists retreat over Bunker Hill.  Most of the “Warren” counties, streets and even a few cities in the Eastern U.S. are named after him.

The monument, erected in 1842 and resembling the Washington Monument, is 297 steps up, which naturally, we climbed.  After enjoying the great views, we climbed down and with weak and shaking legs found our way to…..The Warren Tavern (named after…….you know who).  Built in 1780, the tavern was a favorite of Paul Revere’s (he had 16 children from two wives so he probably frequented the place a lot).  Bet he didn’t have to pay $12 for a burger!

Bunker Hill Monument on Breed's Hill

Bunker Hill Monument on Breed’s Hill

View from the top

View from the top

Warren Tavern in Charlestown

Warren Tavern in Charlestown

After lunch we walked over to the USS Constitution and toured the oldest commissioned ship in the world.  Launched in 1797, the ship, named by George Washington, got the nickname “old Ironsides” (as her hull was so thick the enemy’s cannon balls just bounced right off) during a famous battle during the war of 1812.  She is also famous for several battles against pirates on the Barbary Coast.  It was very cool to walk the decks and hear about her history and the life of the 19th century crewman from her current crew of officers and sailors.

USS Constitution

USS Constitution

Thanks again Em for taking time from your busy travel schedule to find us in Boston. And thanks for the great post!  We miss you already.

Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Jan and Bruce Krawetz for dinner at Giacomo’s in the North End (can’t get enough of that North End Italian food).  Robin and Jan were sorority sisters at SDT in Champaign and recently reconnected at friend Barb (and David) Rosenberg’s son Jake’s Bar Mitzvah.  Bruce had a business meeting in Boston so Jan accompanied him for a quick vacation.  It was so much fun catching up on the past 35 years!  Funny how with some people you can just continue on as if no time has passed at all.  By the way, the Zuppa di Pesce for two……wow.

Bruce, Jan, Robin, Bob and a big doggie bag!

Bruce, Jan, Robin, Bob and a big doggie bag!

Zuppa di Pesce….for at least two

Friday (after working out all morning……trying to carbo unload) we picked up my cousin (OK, first cousin once removed) Stephanie Rubin (pregnant with baby boy Rubin…….first cousin twice removed??) at the airport, got her settled into our place and walked to Pomodoro’s in the North End (did I mention we can’t get enough of that North End Italian Food?) for yet another great bowl of pasta.  I think Boston should name a street in the North End after us.  Once back home from a nice post dinner walk, we talked into the wee hours.

Saturday was a walking tour of the Boston area.  Steph, an Associate Director of College Counseling at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, has seen many of the college campuses in Boston, but not the city itself, so we got to play tour guide.  We walked through Cambridge on the Charles River, the Esplanade, Boston Public Garden, Boston Commons, Newbury Street, Granary graveyard, The Watch Hospital (lol, not a hospital….her father in law owns this watch repair business), Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, (so she could buy Red Sox stuff for baby boy Rubin), Long Wharf, and Haymarket.  We came back home to refresh and then set out for the Back Bay neighborhood for dinner at “Stephanie’s on Newbury” (just a coincidence) for a nice non-Italian dinner.  On the way home we walked down Charles Street and found half sour pickles (you have to be an avid reader of our blog to understand the significance of that find) at a local grocery store!  We’ll be back to Charles Street before we leave.

On the Charles River

In the Public Garden

In the Public Garden

In the Granary Graveyard

In the Granary Graveyard

"Make Way for Ducklings" story by Robert McCloskey

In the Garden, “Make Way for Ducklings” story by Robert McCloskey

At Stephanie's

At Stephanie’s

Thanks Steph for coming out to join us on our trip.  We hope your conference in Newport is fun and we will keep suggesting names……how about Giuseppe?

Today was a workout day, a watch the World Cup day, and a post a blog day.  Leftovers for dinner (half sours for lunch).  Time for  another walk!



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1 Response to Old Home’s 50th Post – Family and Friends in Boston

  1. Shiera says:

    I’m obviously not keeping up–I was going to ask if you wanted to go for a walk:) So you’re back on the road and I’m envious. Nick and I were just in Boston last spring so it was fun to see your highlights–very cool city. If and when you return to Danville, I’d love to catch up. Old girl Mia would like to see her auntie! Take care, safe journey. Shiera

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