Circling Back

Friday was our last full day in NYC.  My that went by fast!  We started the day by taking the subway to the Chelsea neighborhood to check out the market and walk the High Line Park.  Making the morning even more fun, we had the pleasure of meeting up with Michelle Armstrong (many of you know her as Meesh).  Meesh was one of Emily’s roommates in the Capp Street house in SF.  She is a good family friend and devoted member of our Passover Seder group.  Meesh is in town for the same wedding as Emily, and also arranged to come to NYC early and work.  The three of us had a quick snack in the market and then walked the High Line.

The Chelsea Market is a really cool repurposed warehouse that now holds many restaurants, shops, office space, and television studios.  We were surprised to find out that the warehouse was once the home of the National Biscuit Company (aka Nabisco) factory and is the location where the Oreo cookie was invented and produced.  Today the warehouse’s tenants include Google (and YouTube), the Oxygen Network, Food Network, and Anthropologie.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

The High Line is an abandoned elevated rail line that has been transformed into a public park.  The elevated walkway urban park is a couple miles long and is landscaped with hundreds of species of plants, still contains many sections of the original railroad track, and is lined with benches and alcoves.  We read that over 4 million people visit the High Line each year.  Definitely worth checking out.

Robin and Meesh on the High Line

Robin and Meesh on the High Line

After our walk, we went to Artichoke Pizza for an enormous 18″ meatball pizza.  After our 18″ pizza, we decided we better walk back to Times Square.  Thanks for meeting us Meesh! It was great touring with you in NYC.  We’ll see you back home.

That's a big Pizza

That’s a big Pizza

Friday night we had a wonderful Shabbat dinner with Adam and Marla Gamoran in their scenic Upper East Side apartment.  But, before we arrived at the Gamoran household, we had the pleasure of stopping by the Hershman Upper East Side apartment to say goodbye to Dave and Louise Fong and to meet their grandson Murry (they are visiting daughter and son-in -law Stephanie and Adam Hershman).  How cute is this guy?

Us with Murry

Hangin out with Murry Hershman on the Upper East Side

Emily, also staying on the UES, joined us at the Gamorans for dinner (before meeting friends later that night….for dinner) so it was really a nice way for us to complete our trip to NY.

Thanks Adam and Marla for your wonderful hospitality (dinner, borrowing clothes, and of course the use of your laundry room!).  It was really nice having you both all to ourselves! Hope to see you again soon.

Kind of sad to leave NYC and the East Coast (for good this time).  Even though we still have several months of travel ahead of us, it feels like we are now heading home, almost done.  Not that that’s a bad thing………we’re just having such a great time.  So, we checked out the itinerary (just to refresh our feeble memories) and are now pretty darn excited about what lies ahead!

Saturday was a travel day.  We took the subway to the New Jersey Transit train, to the Newark Airport Air Train, to the Park and Go shuttle, to pick up the “old home” and drive to Coraopolis PA (just outside of Pittsburgh).  Even though Coraopolis was just a stop-over destination, Robin always manages to find something to keep our interest, in this case, Robert Morris University (Go Colonials!).  Being familiar with Mr. Morris from our time in Philadelphia (he personally financed the Revolutionary War, signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution, plus he was one of Pennsylvania’s original US Senators), we felt it only right to visit his namesake university. For those of you from the Bay Area, the campus reminded us very much of St. Mary’s College in Moraga.

Sunday was spent driving through a few thunderstorms to Ann Arbor, MI (I’d say go Wolverines but I just can’t…..just can’t).

On the way to Michigan, not Maui

On the way to Michigan, not Maui

We met our nephew Josh LeVay for a nice dinner at Sava’s.  Josh is a sophomore at the U of M, majoring in Mechanical Engineering (he aspires to be a Biomedical Engineer).  Josh is a very smart guy and he out-ordered me tonight (should have ordered the Cappellini Marlon – sauteed lobster and shrimp over saffron rice).

Josh is the one on the Right

Josh is the one on the Right

This morning we got our Josh guided tour of the Michigan campus.  I must say, it really is a very nice campus.  We walked through the “Diag” (similar to the Quad at U of I), the student union and around most of the central campus (Robin had to find SDT).  It was fun seeing the school and especially fun hanging out with Josh for a couple hours.

On the Diag

On the Diag

We then settled in for a scenic drive (the change of seasons is upon us) to Petoskey, Michigan. Petoskey is a nice little coastal resort town on Lake Michigan.

We are staying at the Stafford’s Bay View Inn, one of those cute B&B’s (built in 1887) that has no TV in the rooms (of course the Bears are on Monday Night Football #@!&*).  There is a TV in the lobby but they are all watching the Tigers v White Sox. Oh well, at least we can get caught up on the blog.

Bayview Inn

Bay View Inn

View from the room.  Can you see the Old Home?

View from our room. Can you see the Old Home?

We walked into town for dinner at the Mitchell Street Pub.  The food was just OK (not photo worthy) but the walk was great.  Petoskey is apparently known for its sunsets and it did not disappoint tonight.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Sunset over Lake Michigan


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