Getting Our Feet in the Door

Tuesday was yet another long beautiful drive that started by crossing the Mackinac Bridge (pronounced Mackinaw) which connects Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas.  The bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere, also spans the Straits of Mackinac (also pronounced Mackinaw) which means as you drive over it going north, you can see Lake Michigan on your left and Lake Huron on your right.  I love that kind of thing, so here is a picture driving over the Mackinac (pronounced….) Bridge and both great lakes.

Driving over the bridge

Driving over the bridge.  Lakes Michigan (left) and Huron (right)

Once on the Upper Peninsula, we were greeted with a large billboard advertising “Pasties” for sale.  We thought it was so funny that they misspelled “pastries” (our crude minds). After seeing a few more advertisements for “Pasties” we quickly realized that “Pasties” must be something you can buy and eat in this part of the country so, once googled, and enlightened, we paid no further attention.  BTW, Pasties are essentially a meat pie you can eat by hand.  We were tempted but couldn’t find the restaurant in Menominee that specialized in Pasties.  Darn.

We did however, find this little gem in Marinette, WI called Mickey-Lu BBQ.


Here is the menu:

And here is our lunch:

The best part of lunch was our waitress.  She was right out of the movie “Fargo” with all the youbetchyas and oh yahs, dontchaknow.  All that for $7.   If you find yourself in Marinette, make time to have lunch at Micky-lu!

After several more hours of driving we finally reached our destination, Baileys Harbor. Baileys Harbor, known for having a dozen or so 1800’s wooden shipwrecks, is located in beautiful Door County Wisconsin.  Door County is the part of WI that sticks out like a soar thumb (literally, not figuratively) into Lake Michigan.  The peninsula is bordered by Green Bay (the bay, not the city) on the West and the lake on the East.  We are staying at the Blacksmith Inn on the Shore, in a great room (with a TV) with a nice balcony and view.

Blacksmith Inn

Blacksmith Inn.  Our balcony is second floor on the left  by the stairs. (where’s the old home?)

Our view

Our view

We drove to Fish Creek (the odd location of a German POW camp during WWII) for dinner at The Cookery.  Pasta, Kabobs, and a great smoked whitefish spread.

Wednesday we rented bikes and peddled around the Sunset Trail in Peninsula State Park.  It was a perfect day, 70 degrees, slight breeze, fall foliage, and we had the entire park pretty much to ourselves.  Plus, the park was replete with Golden Retrievers.

the shore is all shells

this shoreline is all shells


More swimming goldens

More swimming goldens



last selfie

last selfie

After our ride, we lunched at the Blue Horse Beach Cafe.  The Black Bean Burger and Huevos Rancheros (served over easy on soft wheat tortillas, yum) were delicious.  We finished the afternoon with a walk up and down Main Street and a visit to the town of Egg Harbor.

Much of our Door County trip has been based on recommendations by Claudia Altshuler. Claudia has been spot on.  Her recommendation for dinner tonight was the “fish boil” at the White Gull Inn.  A fish boil is a traditional meal, started by the area’s Scandinavian settlers, that has been resurrected and popularized here in Door County.  The meal is just part of the event.  We were told to come 30 minutes prior to our seating so we could observe and learn about the “boil”.  Drinks were served on the patio while we watched the cook fill a large pot, over an open fire, with potatoes and chunks of freshly caught Lake Michigan whitefish.  When the fish were about ready, the cook tossed kerosene on the flames to superheat the water causing a boilover, spilling the fish oils over the side of the pot and leaving the fish perfectly cooked.  We then got in line for our potatoes and fish.  Once back at the table, our server came by to debone the fish for us.  It was a lot of fun and very tasty. Oh, and the cherry pie a la mode………..should have ridden a few more miles today!  Thanks Claudia!

Our Master Cook dumping the potatos

Our Master Cook dumping the potatoes

Fish Boil dinner

Fish Boil dinner

Don’t forget to check out the video of the master cook!  Shana Tova!!


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  1. Great video of the fish boil, and it looks like you’re getting really nice early fall colors! Sounds like you didn’t stop on Mackinac (naw) Island for a ride on the bicycles built for two. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of days!

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