Role Reversal, The Raider Nation, & Straight Hair

Experiencing a bit of role reversal, we picked Emily up at the airport Saturday afternoon as she traveled to Seattle to spend the weekend with us.  The weather was perfect so we headed to the University of Washington campus to relive her college days and check out the new buildings.  Since Emily graduated, UDub built a gorgeous new business school and renovated their student union, the HUB (Husky Union Building).  The campus looked as beautiful as ever, especially with the fall foliage.  Go Dawgs!

We finished off our day on campus with dinner at Emily’s favorite Indian restaurant, Cedars.

Pesto Naan

Pesto naan

Sunday morning Emily and I got up early and took a walk to South Lake Union (sorry we failed to take any pictures!)  Afterwards we all had a yummy brunch with Emily’s friend Taylor Alton at CJ’s.  Emily and Taylor actually attended the same high school in San Ramon, but didn’t meet until their freshman year at UDub.  Taylor is now a high school Biology teacher in Seattle.  Brave girl!  We had a great time catching up.

Brunch at CJ’s- you’ll have to trust us that it was delicious because we completely forgot to take any pictures.

After saying our goodbyes to Taylor, Emily, Bob, and I headed to Century Link Stadium to cheer on the Oakland Raiders, in town to play the world champion Seattle Seahawks.  Of course we quickly found a few fellow members of the great Raider Nation to help us memorialize the event.  Rrraaaiddderrrsssss

It was a very exciting game that kept our interest until the very last minute. Unfortunately, the Raiders came up short….again.  Thanks Adam for making sure we had covered seats and for putting us with fellow Raider employees and fans. We had a great time.

Brandi Mount (our friend and ex-Raider employee

Brandi Mount (our friend and ex-Raider employee)

Emily & Bob with Raiders fans in the background

Back from the game we took Emily for yummy burgers at Cyclops, a cute bar across the street from our apartment (again failed to take pictures), and then back to SeaTac airport for her return trip to SF.  Thanks Em for coming to visit us.  We had a great time hosting you in the Emerald City!

Bob and I spent the better part of this week researching and making reservations for the final months of our trip.  We did make time for a haircut (Bob) and color (me) at Studio 150 in Kirkland. Our hairdresser Saige couldn’t resist giving me a makeover.





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4 Responses to Role Reversal, The Raider Nation, & Straight Hair

  1. Shiera Brady says:

    Love these photos and love your makeover:)

  2. Wow Robin – I’m always jealous of your curly hair, and now this spectacular look too!

  3. Marcy Ruback says:

    Love the straight hair makeover. Look how long your hair has gotten!

  4. Ellen says:

    MiniRob vs MiniEm! Looking good ladies.

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