I Don’t Need Pot to be Hungry, Lazy, and Paranoid

I’m sure we have mentioned in several posts that one of our favorite things to do on this trip is to connect with friends and family (hang on, I’ll get to the title story soon).  Seattle has been no exception.  We already had the joy of hosting Emily and catching up with millennial friends Taylor and Brandi. This past week we had the pleasure of visiting with Seattle friends Saul and Devorah Gamoran, while at the same time joining up with Chuck and Rachel Rosenberg who traveled all the way from Chicago just to hang out with us.  It was a really fun week.

A week ago last Thursday Robin and I met Saul at Miller’s Guild for a nice lunch downtown.  Saul is a childhood friend of mine (and younger brother of Adam Gamoran..see posts from NYC). After losing touch for the better part of two decades, we were fortunately able to reconnect when Emily decided to attend Udub.   An attorney and president of Gamoran Legal Consulting, a high-end recruiting firm, Saul is one of those rare individuals who once you meet, you never forget (and he never forgets you).  Robin and I love hooking up with Saul in Seattle because he seemingly knows everyone.  From the head chefs and restaurateurs, to the Pike Place Market street performers, everybody knows Saul.

Several years ago Saul introduced us to his future wife, Devorah, while we were in town visiting Emily.  What a gem.  Lucky Saul….he truly found his better half!   Friday night we were invited to their beautiful home for a wonderful Shabbat dinner.  It was great hanging out, catching up and laughing till the wee hours. Thanks again Devorah and Saul for your warm hospitality and a great dinner. Hopefully we can reciprocate some day.

Saul and Devorah

Devorah and Saul

So here is my version of what Robin and I did last weekend:

Saturday was largely spent roaming the streets of Seattle looking for a sports bar that was showing the Warriors basketball game.  Fat chance.  Way too many incredible college football games dominating the airwaves.   We almost got the host at Yard House to change one of the TV’s to our game, but I think he was afraid some rabid FSU fans would…um, end his evening.  So sadly we went home in defeat and watched the game stats update on ESPN’s smartphone app game tracker.  How pitiful are we?  Really.

Sunday, with the next Warriors game just hours away, and hopeful that we could find just one large sports bar willing to devote one small TV to our (at the time) undefeated Warriors, it dawned on us that we can just purchase a relatively inexpensive NBA fan package and watch every game via the internet.  Duh.  So after picking up one large veggie pizza from Belltown Pizza, we sat down in the comfort our own apartment and watched the Warriors get whipped by the San Antonio Spurs on our laptop.  So much fun!

Monday we picked up our friends Chuck and Rachel (see Chicago and Philadelphia posts) at Sea-Tac and brought them back to our building where they had arranged to rent their own apartment for the week.  Once settled into their place (much nicer than ours by the way), we walked to the popular Dahlia Lounge for dinner where we had a great meal and planned our week.

Doing our Planning while at Dahlia Lounge

Doing our Planning while at Dahlia Lounge

Knowing our penchant for dinning at trendy or hole in the wall local restaurants, Chuck and Rachel indulged us as we spent a good part of Tuesday eating.  We had…….Breakfast at BOKA, Lunch at Blackbird Bakery, Ice Cream at Mora Iced Creamery, and Dinner at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar.

Huevos Rancheros at BOKA

Huevos Rancheros at BOKA

Post Ice Cream

Post Ice Cream Happy

Cheese Flight at Dahlia Lounge

Cheese Flight at Purple Cafe

Quinoa Burger and Fries at Purple Cafe

Quinoa Burger and Fries at Purple Cafe

And a Flat bread

And a Flat bread

Oh, and somewhere in between all the meals we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, visited Pike Place Market and went to a concert at the Triple Door where we all became fans of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors as well as their warm up band Penny and Sparrow. Then back to the Belltown Court Condos to sleep and digest.

On the Ferry

On the Ferry

At Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors performing at the Triple Door

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors performing at the Triple Door

Wednesday was ……..huh, can’t find the right word……….it was different.  No, it was eventful. No, it was a bit bizarre.  Maybe surreal.. Here’s why:

Chuck and I go way back.  Close childhood friends (he even accepted my dating his little sister), we did many juvenile things teens and young adults mindlessly do.  Some of the stories with this particular group of friends are legendary (well, among us they are). But the one thing we could never get Chuck to do was smoke pot (of course we never inhaled!!!).  Nope, not Chuck.  It was illegal….end of story.

Flash forward 4o years.  A couple of states have now legalized the sale and recreational use of marijuana. Washington being one such state.  So, as we are planning our week, Chuck insists we find a “pot shop”.  He must make up for lost time.  No, that’s overstating it.  He is now curious about what all the commotion was about and wants firsthand experience (better).  So, he did the research and off to Cannabis City we drove. Different….eventful….bizarre……maybe they all work.

Our young salesman was quite patient with us.

Salesman:  “Do you want body or mind?”

Bob:  (I’m stammering a bit here)……”Um, huh, well…. it’s been a really, really long time since I’ve done this……um, what do you mean?  You probably get a lot of people like us in here, right?”

Straight faced, no smile, very professional, he answers:

Salesman:  “The body product will make you very relaxed……couch-locked.  The mind product will calm you, ease your stress.”

OK, now we are getting somewhere (couch-locked?  Really?)

Chuck:  “We would like both.”

Salesman: Pointing “This product, from Monkey Grass Farm (lol), is our hybrid.  I smoke it and I really like it.”

So, two grams of the Monkey Grass Farm hybrid product, papers,and a free Cannabis City lighter later, we got back in the car and drove to the grocery store (no kidding) to buy munchies for dinner.

Well, let’s just skip to the results.  I was couch-locked (turns out to be a real thing) and paranoid; Chuck, claiming to be feeling very little effect, spent what seemed like an hour to me, fiddling with the laptop and TV, trying to get the soundtrack from the movie we rented to go through the TV.  He had it working perfectly prior to our little excursion, but now something was askew. He was on a mission.  Rachel (girls not really participating in the festivities) claims he’s always like this (you mean he’s always acting stoned?).  OK, so maybe Chuck’s immune.  Maybe it’s a first timers thing.  I will say this, he did insist we stop the movie so we could make popcorn.  That’s something anyway.

Now, while couch-locked, I started thinking about our day.  We started with a great breakfast (no surprise there) at Macrina Bakery, took a 90 minute Qwik Tour Bus trip of greater Seattle, saw the amazing Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit at the Space Needle, and then lunch at Tilikum Place Cafe (french onion soup to die for).  Now you tell me, how much better would all of that have been had we started the day with our little party, rather than end it high?  Just have to figure out how to get the couch to the Space Needle!

Anyway, it was quite a day.

View from Kerry Park (on our bus tour)

View from Kerry Park (on our bus tour)

Stopped to visit the Fremont Troll!

Stopped to visit the Fremont Troll.  That’s a real VW Beetle!

Chihuly Glass Sculpture

Chihuly Glasshouse Sculpture under the Space Needle


Mille Fiori (a thousand flowers)

Our Sales Guy couldn't figure out how to ring up a free lighter.....humm

Our Sales Guy couldn’t figure out how to ring up a free lighter…..humm

A Natural

Chuck doing his best Jax Teller

Nicely Done

Nicely Done

Thursday we slept in (just kidding).  After shaking out the cobwebs, we once again commenced eating. Macrina Bakery (again) for breakfast, Wild Ginger (with Saul……he introduced us to the owner) for lunch, Kakao Chocolate and Coffee Cafe for Hot Chocolate (highs this week in the 40’s), and the Flying Fish (with Saul and Devorah…..he did not know the owner) for dinner.  All sober.

In between all of that food we rode the Seattle monorail and visited the Museum of History and Industry.

On the Monorail

On the Monorail

Thanks Chuck and Rachel for coming to see us in Seattle and for making it one of the most memorable times of our trip.  Love you guys!




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