Happy Anniversary?

Huevos Rancheros.  My first experience with Huevos Rancheros was on a trip to Santa Fe in 2008 with Chuck and Rachel Rosenberg.  I ordered, I ate, I became obsessed.  So now whenever I find Huevos Rancheros on a menu, Huevos Rancheros is what I get.  My guess is that there are at least a dozen pictures of Huevos on this blog, all representing a great breakfast or lunch, and all unique in recipe, structure and of course taste.  And there-in was my problem…….until this past Sunday, I had yet to find Huevos Rancheros as good as what I had experienced that very first time in Santa Fe.  The search had been exhausting…and filling, but I finally found what I had been looking for these past 8 years at the Nine Ten restaurant in the Grande Colonial La Jolla Hotel.  Yum!

Two eggs over easy, black beans, corn tortillas, jack cheese, ranchero sauce, guac and sour cream all put together in just the right order and in perfect proportions.

Sunday night we had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Roland for dinner at Rockin’ Baja Lobster in Old Town San Diego.  Jessica is the daughter of our good friends Pat and Karen and sister to Garrett Roland whom we met for dinner while we were visiting Austin TX last February.  Jessica, a senior at San Diego State, will be getting her degree in Management this coming June.  We had a wonderful time visiting with Jessica and are very envious that she has landed a great job in financial planning with a firm in La Jolla and gets to stay in this beautiful locale.

Now, on our way back from breakfast Sunday, we noticed several construction signs had been placed up and down our street announcing a 2 month parking ban starting Monday. Sure enough the jack hammers began loud and clear promptly at 7 AM.  Wow….not good. We soon found out that not only is the entire street being torn out and replaced, but starting Wednesday absolutely no cars would be allowed in or out for at least 5 days.  So, no car, lots of noise and dust, construction between 7am and 5pm every day……..maybe it was an omen (if you believe that kind of thing).  Afterall, it was our one year trip anniversary! Uh oh.  We weighed our options and decided it was best to leave.

So…….after a few phone calls and web site visits later, we sadly arranged an early departure from La Jolla.  But not before a great breakfast at Cody’s (Huevos not on the menu).

Tuesday we arrived at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City.  It’s not La Jolla but it does have an amusement park, so……

Welcome to LA!

Welcome to LA!

We have a great view of the Hollywood Hills

We have a great view of the Hollywood Hills

At the Universal City Walk for dinner

At the Universal City Walk for dinner

Wednesday we got in our workouts (hotel gym……not exactly the ocean front trail) cleaned up and walked over to the Universal City Walk, an outdoor mall adjacent to Universal Studios, for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.  While we were strolling around the City Walk we were asked to be extras for a filming of the show Extra.  Couldn’t turn that down!  So we got to see Mario Lopez, Tracey Edmonds, and Nancy O’Dell interview and play with a couple of the Harlem Globetrotters, T-Time and Handles.  T-Time is one of 3 female Globetrotters and hails from Oakland so we stuck around to get a selfie with her.

Hey!  It's Mario Lopez

Hey! It’s Mario Lopez

Our selfie with T-Time.  Now you know the real reason I wanted the selfie.

Our selfie with T-Time. Now you know the real reason I wanted the selfie.

That night we met my cousins Jill (who joined us during our trip through South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana) and Brett (Jill’s son) for a great sushi dinner at Katzu Ya in Studio City. Afterward we went to Brett’s house to visit for a while.  Brett is the Regional Manager for SCORE (Southern CA Orthopedic Rehab Equipment) here in LA.  It was fun talking medical sales and hearing his patient and referral stories.  Can’t say I miss it at all! We had a really nice evening with Jill, Brett and of course Darla.

Hanging out in Brett's office with Darla

Hanging out in Brett’s office with Darla

Today we walked over to Universal Studios and took in the park.  We did the Studio Tour (back lots, a really fun 3D King Kong experience, Wisteria Lane, and the set used for the filming of Jaws, War of the Worlds, and Psycho), Jurassic Park ride (ends with a roller coaster ride down a waterfall….Robin in the prime seat for getting soaked), Transformers ride, and the Shrek 4D experience.  We had a lot of fun today being tourists.

Bates Motel from the movie Psycho (Norman Bates included)

Bates Motel from the movie Psycho (Norman Bates included)

Plane crash from war of the worlds

Plane crash from War of the Worlds



At the Jurassic Park ride

At the Jurassic Park ride

A soaking wet wife

my soaking wet wife

And we had a wonderful lunch at the park…….

Tonight we drove out to Pacific Palisades to visit with our friends Harris and Jill Smith and their adorable Bassett Hounds Ruby and Chloe.  Poor Chloe had several lumps and bumps removed today but she still found the energy to hang out with us at dinner (before finally crashing on her comfy pillow).

So happy anniversary to us.  It is hard to believe our year on the road is rapidly coming to a close.  But we are not done yet, so stay tuned………we have a couple more posts left in us!


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