Beginnings and Endings

Well, the “very last” 2 days of our trip have been really great.

Friday we went to cousin Jill’s house in Studio City to visit with daughter Stephanie and her new baby Austin.  Steph visited us during our stay in Boston last July and was just barely showing…… she has a six week old!  Guess we have been gone a long time!

Welcome Ausitn!  Nice smile.

Welcome Austin! You’re going places with that nice smile young man!

We had such a nice time hanging out.  Steph, it’s hard to believe your mom was pregnant with you when we got married.  Now here you are……this amazing mom yourself!  Austin is one lucky boy.


Since we spent the “very first” day of our trip visiting with cousin Jill, it seemed appropriate to spend our last day with her as well. So, this morning Jill picked us up at the hotel and we headed out to Yorba Linda to visit the Nixon Presidential Library.

Going through the Nixon Library was especially interesting for us as we were full blown teenagers during the dramatic years of his presidency and the displays brought back vivid memories.  The elections of 1960, 1968 and 72, his first trip to China, Pandas, shuttle diplomacy, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, Vietnam, POWs, the Pentagon papers, and of course Watergate and his subsequent resignation were very nicely presented. We listened to excerpts from the infamous Nixon white house tapes, toured Marine One (shared by Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford), and learned about the kitchen debates with Nikita Khrushchev when he was VP. Of course learning about any president’s pre-political life is fascinating and Nixon’s upbringing in Yorba Linda was no exception.  In fact the small home that he was born in sits on its original location on the library grounds. It was also interesting to learn that he and Pat (real first name is Thelma) met while auditioning for a local play in Whittier CA.

We finished up the day at the Universal City Walk with dinner at Karl Strauss (where we got to watch Steph Curry win the 3 point contest) and dessert at Yogurtland.

Last dinner picture!!!!!!!

Last dinner picture!!!!!!!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow we leave for home.  Once we get unpacked and settled, we’ll huddle up, put our heads together, and compose one final post.

BUT, our first order of business will be to ……….plan our next long trip!

Happy Valentines Day!

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2 Responses to Beginnings and Endings

  1. David Fong says:

    Bob and Robin

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the both of you. Looking forward to catching up when you return.

    Dave and Louise

  2. You guys are amazing … I’m going to miss your posts! Am really looking forward to seeing you in Hawaii come spring!

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