Chicago Finale

Thursday was a special day visiting with family.  We picked Linda up and headed to Evanston to visit with our Aunt Corie who treated us to lunch at her fabulous home at The Mather.  We have a nice routine when visiting Aunt Corie:  Lunch at one of the complex’s restaurants, a walk to the gardens where we sit and chat for a while, then we go up to her condo to pour through her treasure chest of 3D family photos.  Our favorite part of the experience is watching Aunt Corie’s facial expression as she pops a photo into the view-finder, peers in, and conveys obvious delight reliving a moment of family lore (although sometimes she exclaims “Oh no, we can skip this one”).  It’s also always fun to see pictures of my mother as a cute little blond child posing with my grandparents and aunt, as well as snapshots from the many Thanksgiving holidays celebrated on Bobolink Terrace in Skokie.

On this particular visit we came across a picture of cousin Miriam Lewis (my mother and Aunt Corie’s first cousin).  Miriam was an author (Departures), and Corie had a typed essay of Miriam’s that told the story of my great-grandmother Sophie Horowitz and the circumstances leading to her decision to break off her engagement to a guy named Rosenberg in late 19th century Romania.  She eventually became Sophie Sturm and gave birth to my Papa Jack (grandfather Jack Sturm).  To make matters even more interesting, Sophie’s father (Jacob Horowitz) is mentioned; so now I have some knowledge of the family going back 4 generations to Romania.  It was so fascinating and I felt very grateful to learn something about our family’s past.

Dinner Thursday night was at Prairie Moon in Evanston with cousins (once removed) Paul and Marge Feldman and Debbie Lee (second cousin).  Since we were in family history mode, and we now had the elder statesman from the other side of the family, we happily grilled Paul for stories about my grandfather Abraham Feldman, his brother Max and their parents from the Ukraine.  It was a really fun and interesting day.

Friday was our day at Wrigley Field with nephew Josh for the Cubs vs. Braves.  I have to admit that I was pretty concerned about the outcome of this one.  The Cubs were struggling mightily on offense and quickly fell behind 3-1.  Fortunately they prevailed 5-3, extending our streak to 7 straight Cub victories.  The new bleachers and scoreboards look great and we even got to see a video of the legendary Harry Cary leading the fans in his timeless rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch.

A one, A two, A three………..Take me out to the ballgame…..

Post game, Josh directed us to PS Bangkok on Clark Street for “the best Thai food in Chicago”.  The Shrimp Pad Thai was great and we had a lot of fun spending the day with Josh (and the Cubbies).

Saturday was spent in Long Grove visiting with the LaVays.  Sadly Zach was not home but we did get to visit with Debbie, Brian, Josh (from the Cubs game) and Jordyn.  Debbie and Brian treated us to Carson’s Ribs (my favorite from our days as Chicagoans) for dinner and it was just as good as I remember.  Special thanks to Jordyn (just learning to drive) for driving Debbie and Robin to Carson’s to pick up dinner.  She did great and the food was delivered right on time!

Hands in the proper 10 / 2 Position

Hands in the proper 10 / 2 Position

Sunday was our last day in Chicago.  We met friends Al and Ruthie Pearlman at Jilly’s in Evanston for brunch

and Linda for dinner at Eataly to say our goodbyes.

It was a very fast 2 weeks, and we had a very, very good time in one of our favorite cities. We’ll be back………

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