Sedona Part II, Hiking with Jill

Our second week in Sedona was spent enjoying the area’s astonishing offerings with my cousin Jill, who also joined us last year during our trip through South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado.  We were glad she decided to come back for more!

Prior to Jill’s arrival on Friday we had a few days on our own, which we used to learn our way around the city.  One morning we decided to hike the Oak Creek Trail.  This 3 mile trail winds through a couple of rocky hills down to Oak Creek, where it follows along the water into a canyon before finishing at a bridge on highway 89A.  So we walked the mile from our place to the trailhead, found the trail, and promptly became lost.  Still not sure where the trail went, but we hiked the rocky hills, never saw the creek, and somehow wound up in the parking lot of the Sedona Creative Life Center.

We probably should have taken this miscue as a sign that we need to begin working on our spiritual and creative growth and development, but instead we walked home and had a nice lunch.

Once Jill arrived we got her settled into our Sedona home and headed directly to Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte for a nice welcome to Sedona 5 mile hike.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock

Our Lunch Spot

Our Lunch Spot


Courthouse Butte

We then headed to Whole Foods to pick up groceries for dinner.  Jill accommodated us by agreeing to a home cooked barbecue dinner so we could watch the Warriors game.   Of course I then proceeded to incinerate our dinner…..



Fortunately under all that crispy blackened charred exterior we found nearly edible pieces of something closely resembling the taste of chicken. Well, at least the warriors won.

Saturday we decided to take another Pink Jeep Tour, this time signing up for the popular Broken Arrow Trail.  As expected the scenery was stunning, but what made this tour different from our last ride was the drive up, down, and around the steep red rocks in the company of many other jeeps (both private and company), hikers, bikers, yogis and yoginis.



These guys are nutts

These guys are crazy


On Submarine Rock

Our tour guide, Phillip, was very entertaining and knowledgable, making the trip even more enjoyable.


We finished the day with a nice (perfectly cooked) Halloween dinner at the Hideaway House.

Dessert...some kind of ice cream on top of some kind of cheesecake

Dessert…some kind of ice cream on top of some kind of cheesecake

Jill was looking for a hike that offered a little adventure, so on Sunday we took her to Doe Mesa (same hike we did with Emily last week) so she could experience climbing up a mountain and hiking the imposing cliffs.  Unlike our last trip to Doe Mesa, this time we were virtually the only people on the mountain.  The hike was spectacular and very peaceful.


Come on Jill…..just a bit closer…

Got this picture with plenty of time left to rescue Robin

Got this picture with plenty of time left to rescue Robin.  Nice mani!




We couldn’t resist the allure of another post-hike trip to Enchantment Resort (just down the road from Doe Mesa) so we took Jill for much-needed drinks on the veranda.


Once home we thoroughly enjoyed watching another Raiders victory, then settled in with last night’s leftovers and a nice mushroom pizza for dinner.

Our last hike with Jill was to the shopping areas in the Tlaquepaque (Ta-lock-a-pock-a) Arts and Crafts Village and Uptown Sedona, where we explored the hospitable scenery of several local craft shops and restaurants.  We bought a few scented candles (to combat the dead animal in the bedroom wall smell) and had great burgers and fries at the Open Range Grill and Tavern.

Thanks for joining us again Jill.  We had some really great times and truly appreciate you becoming our good luck charm for the Warriors and Raiders this weekend.  Wish we had you around for the Cubs games!


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1 Response to Sedona Part II, Hiking with Jill

  1. Linda Palacios says:

    Fabulous pictures!!! I love Sedona! It looks like you’re having a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see you back in the bay! Enjoy yourselves and safe travels!😘

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