Sedona Part III, Happy Trails..

Other than a few days of rain and sleet and snow (see video at the end of the post), this past week has provided gorgeous weather, perfect for (more) hiking.  So we hiked the Huckaby, Margs Draw, Broken Arrow, and Brins Mesa trails….each becoming our favorite at the time.

The Huckaby Trail (I mistakenly called it the Oak Creek Trail in the last post) is the trail on which we lost our way last week.  We were determined to figure out where we went wrong, and to make it to Oak Creek and the Midgley Bridge at the end of the hike.  Here is where we screwed up the first time:


We went left instead of right…..guess we missed (or misunderstood) that trail marker on the right!

Huckaby is a great trail that winds around the mountain cliffs in Uptown Sedona, through a couple of canyons, and finally along Oak Creek.


The trail goes along the cliff and around that outcropping on the right


View of Midgley Bridge (our destination) and Oak Creek

IMG_8169 Unfortunately, due to the recent rains, the creek was running high so we couldn’t cross it without getting soaked.


The Margs Draw trail is accessible from a short side trail that starts practically next door to our home, so last Monday we took a good 6 mile hike by combining the Margs Draw and Broken Arrow Trails.  I actually ran along part of the Margs Draw Trail on my Saturday morning run.  Never again.  It is a fun walk but way to rocky, hilly, and distracting (fantastic views) for an old man run!


We came across

We came across “The Devils Dining Room” on the Broken Arrow Trail.



Today we hiked Brins Mesa, which is a 3 mile (one way) hike up the mountain to some of the best views we have experienced since our arrival.



That little white spot just left of center is the parking lot and trailhead.


Our lunch spot at the turnaround point.

Our lunch spot at the turnaround point.

Came across this Winterfell like tree....




Exhausted after the long climb, we stopped by the local Starbucks for Skinny Peppermint Mochas..


You even get a nice view from Starbucks.

Besides all the incredible hiking, we managed to get in a movie (Bridge of Spies…excellent), found a good restaurant for Udon, stumbled upon some of the local wildlife…


Perfect rainy day lunch

Robin chased this nasty Javelina out of our front yard.

Robin chased this nasty Javelina out of our front yard.


And this young buck chased me off the road on my run…

and enjoyed watching several Warriors victories!!!  Just one more week left in Sedona…..I suspect we will be doing more of the same!!

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