Sedona Part IV, Winter Arrives and We Depart

Our last week of exploring the extraordinary Sedona environs was just as dazzling and enjoyable as the first three weeks.  The days were spent either walking or running the local roads on our morning workouts, hiking through the red rocks and canyons, or relaxing in our Sedona home while watching a relatively rare snow fall.




We got a pleasant surprise last Saturday when we came across an entire family of Javelina wandering around our neighborhood.  The Javelina are not directly related to pigs, but they sure resemble them!


Have to admit the little ones are kind of cute…

Saturday night we hiked out to Snoopy Rock to watch the sunset…..


and our final hike was the Boynton Canyon Trail last Wednesday.


The Trail starts out with a wide open walk into the canyon


And ends in the narrow end of the canyon where the temperature is at least 20 degrees cooler.


We enjoyed our PB&J’s at the trail’s end

We arrived at our final stop, the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA, on Thursday, for a couple of days of pampering in anticipation of our re-entry to life in one place.


We took the less traveled road through Jerome and had an exciting ride through the mountains.



View from our balcony

So after a couple of days of sleeping in, working out, enjoying the local cuisine, a mani-pedi for Robin, and a day at the pool……we are now ready to park the Old Home and put our suitcases and bins away.




Our next adventure will be adjusting to grandparenthood and training a new puppy (or two).  Should be some exciting times ahead!

Robin wants to do one more “stats” type blog post once we are settled in, recover from our root canals, and have a chance to review the trip… stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Sedona Part IV, Winter Arrives and We Depart

  1. Gail Biben says:

    Welcome home. I will be in San Ramon December 11-25 and hope to see you live and in person. It has been a vicarious thrill to follow your travels.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Marcy Ruback says:

    Thanks Bob and Robin for taking the time to keep ups abreast of your travels. As always, the blog has been entertaining and educational! Lots to look forward to in the new arrival departments, baby and dog(s). You’re probably not looking forward to root canals. What a harsh reminder that you are back to reality!

  3. Linda palacios says:

    Amazing time you both have had! I’ve lived vicariously through your adventures! I can’t wait until you return to the homestead so I can see you! Your best adventures are yet to come with being grandparents and living the dreams you’ve enjoyed. I’m so glad you were able to do this but when you look into that little babies face you will be in a dream you never imagined! Welcome home! ❌⭕️

  4. David Fong says:

    Hi Bob and Robin

    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to experience your travel with us. Looking forward to getting together with you guys over the holidays.. and as you begin your next journey as grandparents and “puppy owners”

    Always welcome to “chill” at our house if yours get a bit “crowded”

    Dave and Louise

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