Back in the Old Home….or Should I Say Dog House….

In our last post, November 21, 2015, we wrote about coming home to a pending root canal, becoming grandparents, and getting a puppy.  Mission accomplished!


How fortunate for us to be able to share our home with our beautiful granddaughter Kayla, her amazing parents, and our exuberant puppy Wilma.


And while it has been a wonderful year in our very cheerful, cozy, and entertaining home…… boy, do we need a vacation!  So, with a cousin getting married in Chapel Hill, NC in April, and a nephew graduating from Michigan the following weekend, we decided to load up the Old Home and make a real trip of it…….but this time with a twist; Wilma is coming with us!


So how does one prepare for a cross-country trip with a 1-year-old Golden Retriever? Besides an extensive amount of “sit, stay, come, and leave it” command training, we armed ourselves with all the pet travel apps we could load on our iPhones, prepared two storage bins filled with Wilma’s most cherished possessions (mostly food), modified a crate to fit in the Old Home, and procured a large supply of Dramamine (Wilma is prone to car sickness….lol).  We took off last Friday for a 2 week “practice trip” to Pacific Grove, one of the most picturesque and dog friendly towns on the California coast.

After adding “Pet Friendly” to our VRBO and Airbnb filters, we found this cute little cottage located just a few blocks away from our prior residence in PG (2014 trip).  Our new home even has a fenced in backyard, perfect for any immediate doggy urges.


The trip has been a success so far.  Wilma managed to hold down her breakfast on the 2 hour drive and she quickly made herself comfortable in the cottage.  We’ve dined at a couple nice restaurants without incident, and Wilma has been wonderful greeting and meeting other dogs and people.

It is interesting to note that in the five days we have been in Pacific Grove, we have probably met and chatted with more people than we did in our entire prior 2 years of travel.  Wilma is very popular here and we can’t get too far on our walks without someone asking to pet her.  One woman came over and asked to pet Wilma while at the same time admitting she was allergic to dogs.  After a few minutes of interaction, she says “OK, starting to itch, gotta go, but thanks for the fix.  She’s a beautiful dog.”. Another lady who stopped to pet Wilma claimed to have spotted her a day earlier from the balcony of her B&B.  Too funny.  So it looks like our “dog trip” will be much more social and less cultural (no dogs allowed in presidential libraries!) than prior trips.

BTW, We toyed with the idea of having Wilma write the blog from her perspective, but decided that it would be way too much work.  Instead, for those interested, Wilma does have an Instagram account, Wilmathegolden.  Please feel free to follow her exploits.  She promises to post often!

And for our foodie friends:  Huevos, Huevos and Huevos


















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5 Responses to Back in the Old Home….or Should I Say Dog House….

  1. Bonnie Landini says:

    Yeah!!!! You’re back❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Linda says:

    So fun! Looking forward to continuing posts and can’t wait to see you in Chapel Hill!

  3. Shiera Brady says:

    Love it! Awesome writing as usual–so fun to follow. Happy trails and hugs to my favorite niece, Wilma. May our paths cross soon:)

  4. Sounds both brave and wonderful! Have fun.

    Happy Birthday Robin

    Much love,Corie

  5. Nancy Cilenti says:

    SO glad you are back on the road…and with Wilma!! What a beauty she is!! Can’t wait for your next post! Happy Trails!!

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