Birthdays and Beach Days

Hard to accept that 30 years ago we were complaining about turning thirty!  Well, my amazing wife successfully made the transition into her 7th decade of life on March 23 with a scenic ocean sidewalk, a delicious lunch at the Red House Cafe in Pacific Grove, and really enjoyable dinner at Forge in the Forest in Carmel.  A great way to turn 60!

Our two weeks in Pacific Grove have been wonderfully serene. Although we came here primarily to learn how to travel with Wilma, we also chose this area in order to bask in the tranquil and cordial nature of this community.  Virtually every day starts with a walk or run on the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail, and ends with an evening stroll among the mixture of rustic and ornate homes through our century-plus old neighborhood.  More often than not we are stopped several times so that a fellow walker can chat, and pet Wilma.  Even the rainy days have been pretty relaxing.

Although Wilma has logged more miles the last 10 days than she normally does in a month, puppies do need to cut loose every now and then.  So, off to Carmel Beach in Carmel by the Sea.

We had so much fun watching her interact with the other beach-goers.  At first we tried making her stay near us, but once off-leash, confining her was futile.  Goldens are human lovers by nature but Wilma takes it to another level.  She wanted to play with everybody!  And during our visit she persuaded at least four complete strangers to play fetch.  In the spirit of her sisters Penny and Fever, Wilma has found her earthly piece of heaven!  We’ll be back!

Getting the sand and sea out of Wilma’s coat took a good 15 minutes of heavy spray at Stone’s Pet Wash…..


but she was rewarded with some real pieces of bacon from my Cobb salad at First Awakenings.


A dog’s life, eh.  Lucky girl! Lucky us!

We will be home in just a couple days………for just a few days…….before starting our cross-country trip to Chapel Hill, NC.  First stop…Bakersfield!  Hopefully Wilma takes to life on the road and in hotels as she did on her practice trip.  The blog will resume from somewhere along Highway 40.



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