We Should Have Purchased that Pet Insurance!

We couldn’t leave Colorado Springs without at least one visit to the local Veterinarian, so after Wilma refused to eat her dinner and subsequent breakfast, we stopped in to see Dr. Roman Dye at the Westside Animal Hospital. We thought maybe she had a tooth or jaw problem as she was only interested in soft food, but everything checked out fine, so we bought some special “easy to digest” soft dog food and packed up for our trip to Las Vegas.

Our first stop was to drop Emily off at the Denver airport.  So sad to see her go, but we really had a wonderful visit and miss her already!  Thanks Emily for joining us, keeping Wilma happy, being a guest blogger, and adding a lot of fun to our journey!


We had a very wet, stormy, yet scenic drive down hwy 70 across the Rockies to the Springhill Suites in Grand Junction, CO, where we found a nice Italian place for dinner, had a nice walk around Main Street, and gave Wilma her soft “easy to digest” dog food.


Our next day’s drive to St. George Utah was unexpectedly spectacular.  The route, which took us just north of Arches, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands National Parks, was carved through several narrow canyons and mountain ranges.  We stopped at several scenic bypasses, and truly enjoyed the long drive.

Arrived at the TownPlace Suites in St. George, brought in burritos for dinner, took Wilma out for a short walk (90’s plus outside) and gave her soft “easy to digest” dog food. Unfortunately, the very next morning, our poor pup refused her breakfast again, and…..um…returned her prior night’s dinner.  Fortunately, we are now pretty well versed on all of Wilma’s travel issues, so on to Las Vegas where we can settle in for 10 days, and care for our anxious pet.

It was really nice to get to our Summerlin (LV neighborhood) home, park in a garage, unpack the Old Home, pick up groceries, and fire up the grill for a home cooked meal. Wilma enjoyed her rice, chicken, “easy to digest” soft dog food (plus various meds) and found a nice chair to claim as her own.


Our Home in Summerlin


The weekend was spent hanging around the house and exploring the neighborhood.  We took some nice walks to the local shopping areas, and let Wilma enjoy the backyard pool.

Of course we couldn’t finish the weekend (and Mother’s Day) without a visit to the local Veterinarian, so after Wilma’s face swelled up like a blimp, we stopped in to see Dr. Nance at the Sun City Animal Hospital.

Dr. Nance figured she got into something that either stung her or that she’s allergic to, so several injections later, we came home and lamented getting another pet (just kidding). Wilma’s swelling receded relatively quickly, and I’m happy to say she has been pretty normal ever since……knock on wood!


Monday we drove to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and took the 13 mile scenic drive.  The red rock formations are really impressive and the views are great. We plan to return one of these days to take advantage of the hiking trails!

Yesterday was uneventful…….except for the part where I drove the Old Home through the garage door.


So here’s what happened:  It was a nice cool day, so we decided to take Wilma for a walk along the Las Vegas Strip.  We went in the garage, opened the automatic door, got Wilma into her car crate, got in the car, and started to back out.  Then…..Bam!!  Apparently the automatic garage door started closing just as we were backing out. The back of the Range Rover crashed into one of the door panels taking the (severely dented) door completely off its track.  It turns out that when Robin got in the car, she placed a water bottle in the cup holder (a reasonable thing to do).  Unfortunately the garage door opener was also in the cup holder, so the water bottle hit the button and……..bottom line, the garage door was totaled, and the car only suffered a small paint chip.  Our property owner was exceptionally cool about the whole incident and had the door replaced within hours (which was great since the RR was stuck in the garage behind a half closed door).  So no visit to the Strip yesterday, but we did pick up some great Thai food for dinner and enjoyed watching the Warriors rout of the Spurs.  Never a dull moment!


This morning, with the garage door opener in the glove compartment, we finally made it to the Strip.  Wilma seemed to tolerate the noise, crowds (yes, even on Wednesday morning), and countless solicitors.  She even made a few friends!


Tonight we are so excited as Adam, Ryan and Kayla are coming to visit.  Adam and Ryan will be exploring various neighborhoods and housing developments for their impending move along with visiting some friends. We get to show Kayla the rest of Vegas!  Then on Friday our in-laws, Mike and Kim Sheffield, will join us.  It will be so much fun to have a full house (and other people to talk to) for a few days.  Hopefully there will be no more visits to the Vet!


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1 Response to We Should Have Purchased that Pet Insurance!

  1. Barbara and Hal LeVay says:

    Hope Wilma is back to her high energy self. The future may hold a lot of time for you in LV.
    Barbara and Hal

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