Roaming the River Cities

We love visiting cities that have developed their waterfronts for pubic recreational use. Both Bend, OR and Boise, ID rank high on our list of desirable “river cities” as they have done a fantastic job of taking advantage of their waterways.


Robin and Wilma on the Deschutes River

Our first full day in Bend was spent walking along the trails and parks that follow the Deschutes River, which always seems to be happily filled with tubers, paddle boarders, rafts, and kayaks.  The banks are lined with beautiful parks, retail & restaurants, a music pavilion, and beautiful homes. One of the many dog parks even provides river access for the pups to cool off!  We followed the river into downtown, bought some sandwiches and found a nice spot for a picnic.


Unfortunately we are still in a bit of a heat wave so we got Wilma indoors for the afternoon and then walked back down to the river for dinner at Hola Cafe.


Saturday we got up early so we could hike up Pilot Butte, an extinct volcano located within the city limits, before it got too hot.  We read that from the top you can enjoy wonderful views of the Cascade mountains and the entire city of Bend.  Sadly, we never got to see the views because the park doesn’t open until 10 AM.  Really?  Ugh!

Lucky for Wilma we discovered a nice dog park, complete with a creek and pond, and decided to spend the morning giving her some much needed time off leash.

Wilma especially loved the pond, but interestingly, her wet coat really brought out the skunk smell from her encounter a few days ago.  Now she was wet, dirty, smelly, and having a meltdown because it was time to go (only child syndrome?).  So much fun! Maybe her reluctance to leave was because she overheard us talking about taking her to Dirty Paws dog wash for a pedi/pedi and a nice soapy bath!  Sorry Wilma…..all good things must come to an end!


Hey, it’s not like this is fun for me either!

Robin and I needed some comfort food, so with Wilma looking good and smelling better, we headed to Bangers Sausage House for a nice lunch of sausages, fries, and beer!  We were enthusiastically greeted by a group of dog loving employees and a server holding a full water dish for Wilma.  Looks like we picked the right place!


An example of throwing caution to the wind…

We left Bend, and the lovely Deschutes River yesterday, and made the long drive to Boise, Idaho.  On our 2014 road trip, we drove through Boise, stopped to see the blue football field on the Boise State University campus, and moved on.  But we were in town long enough to realize that Boise is a pretty cool city and worth a stop in the future.  So here we are!

We found a dog friendly TownePlace Suites walking distance to the Boise River Greenbelt, downtown, State Capitol Building, and BSU campus, perfect for our one day stay. Unfortunately (I’m using that word way too much these days) the heat wave that has been chasing us, beat us to Boise. With temps at 100 degrees by noon, we had to get our hike in early, and skip the downtown and State Capitol.  We are hoping for some relief by early evening, and will hopefully get downtown for dinner and some more sightseeing. We were able to walk through Ann Morrison Park, the BSU campus, and Julia Davis Park, all of which share the banks of the Boise River.


That’s a “B” for Boise State!


The Boise River is running very high with strong currents because of a release from an upstream reservoir.  Past the trees, BSU on the right, Julia Davis Park on the left.

It’s now several hours later and I’m happy to say that we were able to visit the Capitol Building and downtown Boise.  A huge late afternoon storm quickly passed through and dropped the temperature by 15 degrees, allowing us a couple more hours outdoors.  So now we can check off Idaho’s State Capitol from our list.


Can you spot Robin & Wilma?


And on an even happier note, Wilma finally had a normal poop (lol)!  Hopefully her travel doggy diarrhea is now over. Tomorrow we are back on the road, traveling to Layton, UT.


Lap dog

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4 Responses to Roaming the River Cities

  1. Debra LeVay says:

    Just got the pedi/pedi. LOL

  2. Nancy Cilenti says:

    Love this…hope you guys never stop traveling and blogging!!

  3. Shiera Brady says:

    Love your updates, photos, and good poop news! Keep them coming. Btw, I do believe you should update your masthead photo to include Wilma–maybe she should be on the hood:)

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