Andi To The Rescue

On Thursday’s drive to Denver we decided to take a slight detour so we could see Boulder, and have lunch on the much acclaimed Pearl Street Mall.  Sadly, we quickly discovered that dogs are not allowed in the Mall area…Ugh. Then it started raining….so we just got back in the car, drove around the CU campus, which looked amazing, and made our way (hungry) to Denver. Bad omen…..hmm.

Arrived in Denver and got settled in at the Residence Inn and Suites Cherry Creek.  Robin had a strong urge for Sushi and we were lucky to find dog friendly Hasu Sushi & Grill, which had a nice outdoor seating area. My favorite was the Cherry Creek Roll (Lobster salad, king crab, spicy tuna, and avocado).

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Cherry Creek Roll on the Left

Friday brought a nice, albeit brief, break from the recent heat wave.  So with temps hovering in the upper 70’s we took a long morning walk to the Cherry Creek retail district for coffee, and scones.  Then, after lunch at Big Smoke Burger, we took Wilma to a do-it-yourself dog wash and got her nice and clean for her pending week-long stay at the dog sitters.


I have to admit that Wilma did get a piece or two of my chicken sandwich

Later that evening we had a really nice dinner with Andrea (Andi) Tropper.  Andi is the daughter of my best and oldest friend Al Pearlman. Andi and her husband, James, just moved to Denver about one week ago, so we were happy to meet with Andi (James is on a two-week hike on the John Muir Trail), see how things were going, and report back to her parents, Al and Ruthie. Happy to report that Andi is doing great and very excited to be in Denver.


So much fun to have a beer with my friend’s children!

This coming week is our mini-vacation with our kids and granddaughter in Denver, followed by the Martin family reunion in Vale.  Both events are not conducive to having a dog present, so we arranged to have Wilma stay with a dog sitter in Denver for the week; something we find a bit nerve-racking, but the sitter’s reviews were great, she has a large closed in backyard, and is home all day taking care of dogs.  So we were hopeful that Wilma would be happy, entertained, and well cared for after we abandoned her for our own personal pleasure!

Well, our hopes were dashed big time!  As we were parking in front of the sitter’s home, we saw another couple at the door, dropping off their dog.  They must have been regulars because they were in the home only a couple of minutes.  As we passed by, I said something (to the couple leaving) akin to “looks like our dogs will be getting to know each other”.  He replied something akin to “I hope my dog is good to your dog”.  Ok, um, he must have a weird sense of humor…right?  We get to the door and we could hear A LOT of dogs in the backyard barking up a storm.  Our sitter starts explaining that she has more dogs than usual but several will be staying only a couple days…….she got a few emergency requests.  I remember hearing something about cancellations, a trip to Italy, and how she just can’t say no.  So this was concerning…..we saw at least four other dogs in the yard, all of which rushed the back door as our sitter went to open it for Wilma. She quickly realized two of the larger dogs in the yard (including the new arrival) were way too anxious to get to Wilma, so she tried blocking them from entering, but her efforts were futile.  Before we knew what was happening, the dogs were literally attacking poor Wilma.  Robin was trying to get Wilma out of the house, I was trying to get the dogs off of Wilma, the sitter was trying to keep the other dogs outside.  One dog in particular was in full attack mode and had Wilma by the neck.  I was able to grab it by the collar and keep it in place while Robin got Wilma out of the house.  Wow…….that could not have gone any worse!

Wilma was understandably completely freaked out (as were we).  She got in the car and the safety of her crate and hunkered down. Robin went to inspect her for any damage, and I went to find the sitter who was talking to the neighbor across the street (one of the little dogs got out when we left and went across the street).  The neighbor was complaining about the noise and telling her something about the neighborhood noise ordinance.  I told her that this wasn’t happening…..she said “OK”, and went back into the house.

So now what?  We are supposed to be moving into a “no pets allowed” house in just a few hours, the kids are landing soon, and here we are in Denver with no place to take Wilma. Then Robin remembered Andi.  The Pearlman kids grew up with Yellow Labs, and Andi mentioned at dinner how she really wanted to get a (big) dog but that they were going to wait until her and James were more settled in Denver.  She is a Speech Therapist at the local middle school so she’s free for another month, and her apartment complex not only allows dogs, they have a dog park, including an agility course.  Andi to the rescue!

Andi graciously agreed to take Wilma in for the entire week.  I don’t know if it was Robin’s sobbing pleas, or just Andi’s natural empathy and love of dogs, or maybe all of the above, but we will be eternally grateful to her for her willingness to take in our traumatized pup (from her traumatized parents)!

Thanks Andi for saving our trip and our dog.  Al and Ruthie, you guys did a fantastic job raising a wonderful daughter!

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