The Family (not a) Reunion

The Martin siblings (Robin, her sister Debbie and brother Mark) had been planning this family reunion for as long as any of us can remember.  Finding just the right location that is not only accessible for everyone, but that also provides sufficient activities for a teen, a couple of college students, a handful of millennials, young parents with a one year old, and us older folk, is not an easy task.  So after much thought, discussion and debate, the group finally settled on Vail, Colorado.  Next task…….finding a date range when it would be convenient for all 17 invitees to attend the five-day event.  So after much thought, discussion and debate, the group finally settled on July 5 – 9.  Reservations were made, activities booked, and all were looking forward to a great reunion.

But of course “the best laid plans of mice an’ men often go awry”.  Brother Mark and his family had to cancel last-minute (everything is now alright), which was really very sad and unfortunate.  So with only 2/3’s of the group present, we felt we could not call this a family reunion.  Hopefully that event can be planned for a future date.  This event turned out to be 2 related families who happened to be spending a few days in Vail at the same time…..AKA “the family not a reunion”.

IMG_1311 - Copy

Wednesday was arrival day, and between the horrible traffic from Denver to Vail, the delay getting into our room, the “this isn’t the type of room we booked” issue, the “this room doesn’t have air-conditioning” issue, and recovery time from very early travel day mornings (aka naps), everyone did their own thing for dinner and turned in for the night.

The next few days were filled with long walks, an ATV adventure, pool time, bike rides, a hike up the mountain (very impressive Debbie, Zach and Jordyn), gondola rides, a concert, shopping, eating, eating, eating, and more eating.

Every day started with the 7 am wake up call provided by the local garbage company’s recycle trucks picking up glass bottles below our windows, and ended with ice cream at one of several parlors in the beautifully quaint Vail Village.  Our last day happened to be our 38th wedding anniversary, and Debbie baked an incredible cinnamon roll heart for all of us to share for dessert.


It was a great trip, we had a lot of fun, but we really missed the Martins!  Hopefully the siblings can give it some thought, have the discussion a few debates, and come up with another plan!


Today we picked up a very happy and well cared for Wilma (thanks again Andi, from the bottom of our hearts) and made the long drive to Green Valley, Wyoming.  Hoping the hotel’s garbage gets picked up late!


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1 Response to The Family (not a) Reunion

  1. Nancy Cilenti says:

    Maybe you could call it “the family get-together formerly known as the Martin Family Reunion”… you know… like “the Artist formerly known as Prince”??!! Anyway, it looked like great fun and Happy Anniversary!! Glad Wilma survived your absence!! ❤️

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