Sizzling in the South


The most common question we get about our travels is, “Which city was your favorite?”.  And the answer to that question is that there are several cities we consider to be our favorites, and all for different reasons.  Savannah made favorite status for its amazing old southern charm, majestic live oaks dressed in Spanish moss, beautifully manicured historic squares, and of course its easygoing, laid-back lifestyle.  In Savannah “Open Carry” refers to being able to legally carry your alcoholic beverage with you (except Sunday mornings) anywhere you want in the Historic District.  Gotta love Savannah…


In March, 2014, we spent 2 wonderful weeks living in a flat just off Chippewa square in the middle of Savannah’s Historic District.  Our typical day was spent working out in Forsyth Park then getting a latte at Sentient Bean in the morning, having a picnic lunch and reading a good book on a bench in one of the squares in the afternoon, and dining out at one of Savannah’s lively local restaurants in the evening.  Nice, right?  So, given the chance, we decided to return for a few days.

One of the tricks to visiting Savannah is picking the right season, as the summers are notorious for their brutally hot and humid days. We had wonderful spring weather in 2014, and we were counting on wonderful autumn weather in mid-October. Sadly we  arrived at the same time that a nasty fall heat wave hit the Southeast!  So with temps in the low 90’s and humidity in the high 90’s, we did our best to get in a few activities in the early morning and late evening.

Tuesday we got up, rushed to Forsyth Park, and took a nice walk around the grounds.  However poor Wilma was so overwhelmed by the amount of squirrels running around the huge Oak trees that she wore herself out in no time.  After a couple of water breaks, we eventually made it around the park, got our lattes from Sentient Bean, and got back in the comfort of the Old Home so we could at least drive around town and visit some of our favorite spots.

After sunset, we ventured back out and had a very nice dinner under the canopy fans at Belford’s in the City Market, followed by a nice walk around the city squares.

Breakfast Wednesday was a return to B. Mathew’s Eatery so I could have the shrimp and grits (with two eggs over-easy).  We came here in 2014 for Robin’s birthday and she actually ordered the dish, but after sampling it myself, I was pretty hooked.  Hmmm….maybe food was the main reason we really came back to Savannah….


It was unfortunate that the weather did not allow us to spend more time walking around town, but we’re glad we came back and it certainly remains one of our favorite cities.

Thursday we officially started our drive West, destination Tallahassee.  On the way to Florida’s capital, Robin found a couple of interesting places to stop and explore, starting with Brunswick, Georgia.  The town has a very interesting history dating back to the early 18th century, a nicely preserved historic downtown, several world class golf resorts, a very cool bridge, and an enormous port that specializes in Auto imports and exports.  In fact, the port is the central import facility for Land Rover, so it’s probable that the Old Home came to the states through Brunswick, Georgia.  Guess the Old Home has finally come full circle….

We did find a Synagogue that opened in 1890, and a really cool town hall.

After a nice lunch at Chomp Chomp in Jacksonville, we made it to Tallahassee (95 degrees), checked into the Aloft, and settled into our nice air-conditioned room!


Being in Florida’s capital city, we made our way to see the Capitol building, which turned out to be just down the street from our hotel.  Sadly, it appears the original Old Capitol building was restored and then surrounded by a few very “governmental looking” modern buildings, including a high rise that kind of dwarfs the Old Capitol.  Not our favorite look for state capitols!


No gardens, no lawn, no statues…..pretty boring.

The Florida State University campus, on the other hand, is quite impressive.  We didn’t get to walk around much (due to the heat), but we did drive around and really liked what we saw…..especially the football stadium.

After a very gluttonous breakfast at the Uptown Cafe,


we drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, where hurricane Nate made landfall last weekend.  We were very happy to see very little evidence of damage, just a lot of on-going cleanup.  In fact, the locals we spoke to about the hurricane seemed totally unfazed by “a little category 1 storm”.  I guess the six feet of storm surge from Nate pales in comparison to the twenty-one feet of surge from Katrina!


We did notice the pier was closed from obvious storm damage

Biloxi and neighboring Gulfport are known for their large waterfront casinos and wide white sand beaches. We had a great view of the gulf from our hotel window and enjoyed a beautiful sunset before a delicious sushi dinner.




Hawaii Roll, New Orleans Roll, and Maui Roll


Next stop…Natchez!


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1 Response to Sizzling in the South

  1. Barbara and Hal LeVay says:

    Glad you liked FSU. You can’t imagine the changes since I attended. When I started it was coed for four years after being Florida State College for Women for 100 years. There were 5,000 students, mostly coeds, whites only, in a dry county. About 25,000 people in Tallahassee. If you wanted to watch good football you went across town to.Florida A&M and watched Bob Hayes and Willie Gallimore run wild. I may have been the youngest male on campus as most guys were returning World War II vets taking advantage of the GI Bill. It was an interesting and, in many ways, a disturbing time.
    We are enjoying hearing about your travels and Emily’s. She’s a brave woman to do this alone.
    Stay safe on the road.

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