San Diego, Sunsets, Sunnies, and the Stone.

After eight weeks in hotels and spare bedrooms, with no stay longer than five days, we decided to end our trip with a few relaxing weeks in a San Diego Ocean Beach cottage for the last leg of our trip.



View from our street

We spent six weeks in this gorgeous oceanside city in 2014/15, and so enjoyed the room temperature climate, great food, seaside beach walks, and distinctive neighborhoods, that we couldn’t wait to return.  Also, our good friends (and still newlyweds) Ina Miller and Marty Stebben, recently relocated to San Diego……

Ina and Marty live in a beautiful home in the Liberty Station neighborhood, just a few minutes drive from our place in Ocean Beach, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at their place….eating their food…..drinking their wine…..watching Warrior games…. and just hanging out.  Wilma likes it so much there that she starts whimpering in the car when we pull up in front of their home.  Guess she gets a lot of lovin’ at Ina and Marty’s.


So besides our dinners (and breakfasts) with Ina, Marty and their friends, we’ve spent a good deal of time exploring our neighborhood.  Ocean Beach is located on a bluff between the airport and the ocean.  Our cottage is just a couple blocks from the ocean and an area called Sunset Cliffs….where the favorite pastime is to walk to the cliffs and view the sunset!


Of course we’ve also found some really good restaurants walking distance from our place.  Sunnies is a local Mexican restaurant (one of about fifty) that also makes great lattes, so we’re there quite often!

Friday we found a dog beach on Fiesta Island, so we planned a day around Wilma’s need for exercise and for a nice long bath.


Then met Ina, Marty, and their friend Bill at Bill’s boat and ski club for a “barbecue it yourself” steak dinner.


Yesterday morning we met Ina for a really nice scenic walk on Shelter Island, followed by breakfast at the Point Break Cafe, followed by a nap, followed by (another) dinner at Ina and Marty’s.

AND finally….I’m so happy to announce that after 7 weeks of anticipation and discomfort, the much anticipated kidney/bladder stone arrived on November 5th at 7:30 am, at the predicted length of 4 mm.  We’re hoping the little stinker has no lurking twin!



Sunset Cliffs  (Didn’t feel right ending the post with the picture of a kidney stone!)





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1 Response to San Diego, Sunsets, Sunnies, and the Stone.

  1. Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bob! Glad to hear everything came out ok : ) xxoo

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