About Robin & Bob

We will be spending the next year travelling and exploring the United States. We hope you will ride along with us and share some of your own special points of interest. Departure date is February 9th.

5 Responses to About Robin & Bob

  1. Barry Altshuler says:

    Hope you have a safe and rewarding adventure! We will be following along with you on your journey. We send our love and warm wishes. Barry and Claudia

  2. Barbara Rosenberg says:

    IER 4 mobile– remember it well and our early years on Hoyne all the way to this–had time to review your 17 days and just so happy for you. xo

  3. Susan Smith says:

    I just got in the blog. I have some catching up to do.
    Miss my golfing partner for the summer, but know you are having a wonderful adventure.


  4. Pam Ex says:

    Robin and Bob, so glad to see that you’re on the road again and that I get to see you again. What a wonderful blog and collection of memories. Loved the summary. You’re inspirational for our year in Bosnia. You’ll have to share your tips with me! Safe travels and see you very soon. And congratulations to Adam and Ryan on the baby girl to come and to Emily for taking advantage of New York. Love, Pam and Chuck

  5. Susan says:

    Hi Robin. How bizarre is this. I was speaking with my oldest brother today and he mentioned Esther K Newman camp as I was discussing the elaborate & numerous camps my 14 year old daughter attends each year. So, on a lark, I decided to google it. Honestly I didn’t recognize you but as I scrolled down, I saw Marcy. Then I went back to the beginning and saw “best friend since 5th grade”. AH HA!! Robin!! I hope you are well. I’m sure you and your husband had a great adventure. I just wanted to reach out to say hi. Sorry we didn’t connect at the reunion. It was great seeing that picture of you and Marcy!! Take good care. Susan Starr

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